Iolanthe d'Albert
Fullname: Iolanthe Cherise d'Albert
Played by: Bruna Marquezine
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: November 25th
Class: Noble
House: Albert
Occupation: Unlanded Lady
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Lucius d'Albert and Yvarra de Montchapetre
Siblings: Numerous (Please ask if interested)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Iolanthe is the granddaughter of Vicomtesse Lucienne d'Albert and somewhat of an enigma to the current courts due to a lengthy absence. Reputed to be like a miniature version of the grand ole dame herself, yet with perhaps a bit more restraint, she shows a great deal of promise in the realms of social politics and the future of the Albert house.



Blood is thicker than water. It is a mantra that has repeated throughout Iolanthe's mind every single day of her life. In truth, she has heard it so much she is not entirely sure where it all began yet remains the underlying pulse for every task she undertakes.

Some are simply born fortunate and as the eldest daughter of the eldest son of Lucienne d'Albert, the Vicomtesse de Seyches, Iolanthe remains one of them. For as long as most can recall she has always been a progressive child: walking, talking, reading, and even writing at an age earlier than most. Throughout her earliest years she would frequently charm guests to the family home with her immense thirst and comprehension for knowledge inspiring many to harken her as a mini-version of her much revered grandmère, the Vicomtesse herself.

Io spent a great deal of her childhood visiting her grandmère and striving hard to live up to the older woman's ideal of the 'perfectly suitable noblewoman'. Unlike some of her peers, she appeared perfectly content with the notion that she would one day be utilized as an instrument to further promote the standing and future of her family. While many young women engaged in pursuit of music, embroidery, and art - Io focused her energies upon more regimented studies of Economics, Medicine, and Politics. Gifted in the way of words, she discovered a natural finesse for weaving them in impassioned oratorios to persuade others in her favor. In fact, her only real passion outside of her studies became her love of riding.

The years passed and it was not long before she found herself betrothed to a seasoned lord of House Guillard she had met but once or twice while in the company of her father. It would appear as if the Companions had other plans in mind for the young noblewoman when her betrothed fell in battle with the Skaldi nearly four months following the betrothal agreement. While many young women would have mourned the loss, Io merely accepted it as the will of the Companions and continued to focus her attentions upon her education and family once again.

In the three years since the loss of her betrothed, Io has spent a great deal of time immersed in her studies making her a rarely present figure among the Courts. At the will of her grandmère, she has recently taken up residence with the elder Vicomtesse, ready to once again serve her family in whatever capacity they and the Companions deem necessary.






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