Inesse de Baphinol
Fullname: Inesse de Baphinol
Played by: Katya Taran
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years old
Birthdate: 3rd of November
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Delphine Marylène le Blanc de Baphinol and Florentin Baphinol, Vicomte d'Orange (d)
Siblings: Boniface and Vivianne
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

Lady Inesse de Baphinol is a second born child of Delphine Marylène le Blanc de Baphinol and Florentin Baphinol, Vicomte d'Orange (d). She is known to have a unique contrasting beauty of dark brown hair and white skin. It is also rumored that she is very shy and rarely leaves her mother's side. But those who know her better say that the young lady is very friendly and inquisitive but does not characterize in high wits or intelligence. Despite that, servants confirm that she is very polite, caring and very easily forgiving.


Inesse was quite a difficult and tiring baby because she was not able to fall asleep without holding her mother's thumb in her tiny palm. If she was left to a nanny, she would have cried for hours before falling asleep and she would have eaten very little next day, and would have been quite a grumpy cry-baby. Once Inesse became a toddler, she enjoyed crawling around and exploring the world which seemed to be so large, so unique and so beautiful. But she preferred to explore the world so long as her mother was in sight. She did not want to leave her mother's side and only if a cruel servant would tear her off from mother's embrace, Inesse would conform. For some strange reason an anxiety would fall on the girl's shoulders if mother was lost from a sight.

When Inesse grew a bit older, she became more comfortable around her father Florentin Baphinol, Vicomte d'Orange, who no longer looked like a scary giant. She actually started to enjoy following him around as well. She also started to play with her older brother Boniface Baphinol more when he was available. She even gave him a nickname "Bunny Face" since it sounded so similar, and he was cute as the bunnies Inesse loved. It annoyed her brother, but he knew it was a loving and playful name not meant to hurt. Of course, she did not forget her mother as she also followed her learning how to manage everyday activities at home, develop social grace and passion for fashion. When her younger sister was born, Inesse had to learn sharing mother's attention and it was the hardest thing in her life since the second-born demonstrated her jealousy tantrums more than once in many different forms. It was ranging from simple outburst of tears, trampling her feet on the ground or simply falling on the ground to the point where she would pretend being very ill or even try to actually get ill by opening a window during very cold weather while sitting on a sill in only but her nightgown to get cold.

Though it was only a year or so before she got used to her sister's presence and even started to love her equally as a mother, father and brother. Inessa was a kind and good hearted girl. She did not like when people were upset and cried. She empathized with them and could easily start crying herself. She also loved animals and was very upset when she saw them being hurt. Once she found a small bird in the courtyard with a broken wing. She caught it herself and carried it to a local healer begging to fix the bird. It died, though, and a young girl cried for a few weeks because of that.

While her sister was starting to develop high curiosity and show signs of a pampered last-born by trying to become center of attention, Inesse was happy behind her mother's skirt. She always hid behind her mother's skirt when introduced to the strangers. Only with an encouragement of her mother she would have dared to come out and speak. Despite her shy personality, the young girl was blooming into a very attractive young lady. It was quite obvious that she inherited a scion merit from her mother's side. Many have complimented to Delphine Marylène le Blanc de Baphinol that her daughter seems to be like a muse who stepped down from a painting of a talented artist. Adding an innocence and kind heart to the whole visage, it was clear that Inesse will work very well in securing advantageous match. In fact, the closer she started to get to the celebration befitting sixteenth birthday, the more men started to lay their eyes on her. She started to require a protection of sorts and a proper guidance of a mother.

The problem was that while Inesse was a very beautiful, kind hearted, empathetic and curious about people surrounding her, she was… dumb and gullible. The angels were generous for her looks and heart but were very saving on her mind. She tried very hard to absorb all information provided to her, she tried to her best abilities to learn but numbers, names, titles, historical facts, poetic lines were mixing up in her head. While she could learn and remember something for a time being, she ended up forgetting it next morning. Even the dancing lessons were quite hard to a young lady and she improvised most of the time. Inesse cried many times when her younger sister and other children teased her for being stupid. But she was looking at her mother as an idol who was handling everything just perfect, and she hoped that a hard work will help her to improve and she will be able to do anything. But all this still remains nothing more but a hope.

Because of this, she was easy to trick and easily impressed. She tried to be careful and she still was too shy to get into any troubles, but if a wicked man would say to her that she /has to do something/ because /all ladies do it/ there is a chance that she would believe it. So, a guard has been assigned to her less for a physical protection and more for an intelligent one. Bernard is his name, and he has been serving to the House Baphinol for ten years before assigned to protect Inesse. He is at the girl's side when a mother is not. Inesse got used in calling him Uncle Bernard, showing that she cares for him and loves like a family member.

It is also important to mention that it was very hard for Inesse to put up with her father's death even if her mother stayed strong and did not lose her social grace and did not kept herself secluded. But the girl needed her mother's shoulder. So, she refused to leave her mother's side while Inesse was mourning and got better. And when Delphine decided to go to Eisandine Capital, it was clear that she won't be able to do it without her Inesse. But since the girl was soon to come of age, it was decided that it may be good to introduce her to the Court and maybe find a lady whom she could serve as a lady-in-waiting.


"My mom is a source of strength to me. She shows by an example that a woman, regardless of how difficult life may get, can do it all."
<><><> Gloria Estefan <><><>



"Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself."
<><><> Mohsin Hamid <><><>



"I think of myself as quite a shy person. But when I'm curious about something, I'll go quite far to satisfy my curiosity."
<><><> Alain de Botton <><><>

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