Imogen nó Dahlia de Mereliot
Fullname: Imogen no Dahlia de Mereliot
Played by: Elisabeth Harnois
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: March 21 1290
Class: Nobility
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Vicomtésse de Besseges, heir to Comte de Florac
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'ange
Parents: Comte Octavien de Mereliot of de Florac and Lady Sophia l'Envers
Siblings: Lord Priest Damien de Mereliot (b. 1286) Lord Edmond de Mereliot, Heir to de Florac (b. 1286 twin, d. 1309)
Marital Status: Courting
Children: none yet

Known Information

Imogen is the daughter of the Comte de Florac and his L'envers consort. At the age of five, she was sent off to foster in the Night Court, being quickly sorted into Dahlia. Debuting at age sixteen to an above average showing, it only took her about two years to earn her marque, after which she returned to her home Duchy, intending to become an independent courtesan. Within a year her eldest half-brother passed away, and his younger twin declared his desire to join the church, leaving Imogen the heir to the Comte. A duty she has reliably, albeit reluctantly filled ever since.




“Fortune helps the intrepid and abandons the cowards. I am the daughter of a man who did not know of fear. Whatever may come, I am resolved to follow that course until death.” ~ Caterina Sforza


marco Marco de Mereliot : My cousin. I've only just met him, both times at the salon to boot! But I find him both charming and capable of bringing a genuine smile to my face. So when I promised to support him dressing as a peacock for Auntie's ball, I meant it!
pierre Pierre Delaunay : A quiet but serious type, I've never believed myself to be genuinely super outgoing, but in his company, I sure feel like it! That aside though he is a kindred soul. We both came into this world with no inheritance and only our families names to recommend us. Some may look upon him with disdain for being a noble merchant, I congratulate him for becoming all that he is.
ortolette Cous : She's so frail and weak, but there's a strength of spirit in her that even I envy. She came to visit me, and in our first time alone nearly had me confessing secrets i've never told anyone. She's threatened to call on me at all hours of the day now, and promises to make me something with her needlework skills, I look forward to both honestly.
timeo Betrothed : We have a tumultuous relationship at the best of times. Not three days into knowing each other and we find ourselves engaged. But he is both handsome and with a skill set that compliments my own. I regret the engagement will cost him his title, but I do not regret being matched to the man, not now and not ever.


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