Hugon nó Coquelicot de Baphinol
Fullname: Hugon Berenger nó Coquelicot de Baphinol
Played by: Stuart Martin
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: March 6
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Vicomte de Carpentras
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Eugène de Baphinol (d) and Giselle Bretel de Baphinol
Siblings: Benoit (d), other younger siblings, half-sister: Juliette Baphinol nó Lis d'Or
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Until recently (early fall 1310), Hugon had been a Courtesan within the Salon de Coquelicot. His combination of Gentian and Balm skills made him a natural mind-healer. With the attack upon his father and elder brother by bandits that threaten his family's lands, he finds himself now holding a title he was never prepared for.


Born the Baphinol family of Eugene, Vicomte de Carpentras and his wife Giselle, Hugon was the second son, and from an early age, showed some unique talents. Unlike his older brother, Benoit who was raised to become the family heir, Hugon was a quiet child given to daydreams, and a tendency to help people who were depressed or just not feeling emotionally well.

It was while the family was in the City of Elua that the young Hugon spoke to his mom about a troubling dream his older brother kept having, not quite understanding at the moment what he could see or understand. It was Giselle who took the young boy to the Mont Nuit and the Gentian Dowayne. Weeks of conversation and even a few tests given to Hugon by the Dowayne, and when the family finally went back to Marsilikos, it was without their younger son who stayed behind, now a member of Gentian House.

Years would pass, his training like many others, though in him, as both a Scion of Eisheth and a natural Oneiromancer, there was something a little more to be found. He was curious and patient, wanting to learn all he could to better help his future patrons. A mind-healer, able to delve into the realm of dreams to better understand what might be troubling the patrons that might seek him out.

His debut came, and was won by a young noble, a woman who had long been having issues sleeping. Through several assignations, Hugon was able to help her to figure out the source of her troubles - a bit of unpleasantness with a stablehand when she was 12 that she had repressed until his recent death. A situation that went against all that Elua and his Companions taught. Once the issue was brought to light, she could be guided into a true healing.

A year after his debut, the head Courtesan from the Salon de Coquelicot was visiting, scoping out novices and adepts. Upon being regaled with the recent gossip, and hearing about the work of the Gentian Adept, she went to his House and spoke with the Dowayne. Before the day was out, Hugon's marque was purchased, and he found himself traveling back home to Eisande, to become an adept at the Salon.

It took him 4 years to finish his marque - mind-healing is not a quick night of passion, but sometimes weeks of nights spent helping one patron. While his marque grew, so did his skills in helping his patrons, adding touches of Balm learning to better relax the patron with massages or even a quiet song to help lead them into sleep.

Once his marque was made, he remained at the Salon, and would be there still if not for a bandit raid back home. Growing brave, these low-lifes kept attacking travelers through their vicomte, stealing what they could and generally not harming anyone. However, a new leader moved in, and the attacks became worse. Returning home after a trip to Marsilikos to speak with the Duchess about the attacks in person, Eugene, Benoit and the rest of their small entourage was attacked, and all were slaughtered.

News traveled fast, both to the Vicomte and back to Marsilikos where Hugon would be stunned to find out that it was now his place to lead the Vicomte. His other siblings had either married into other families or was still too young to take the position if he wished to abdicate.

What does it mean for his future? Hugon is uncertain, and all the training he has for reading dreams is lost on himself. Only time will tell.






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