Hugo de Trevalion
Fullname: Hugo Louis de Trevalion
Played by: Taron Egerton
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: September 9th, 1291
Class: Noble
House: Trevalion
Occupation: Ducal Heir
Province: Azzalle
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Louis de Trevalion and Christine Belfours de Trevalion, the duc and duchesse de Trevalion
Siblings: Elder brother (deceased), elder sister Reina (deceased), several younger siblings
Marital Status: Betrothed to Maia Simone Rousse, the youngest daughter of the duc de Roussillion
Children: None

Known Information

Lt. Lord Hugo de Trevalion is an officer in the Royal Navy, rapidly rising in rank, and sojourning in Marsilikos while his ship is being refitted. He's a personable young man with a passion for celestial navigation.

In May 1312 the death of his elder sister Lady Reina left him unexpectedly the heir to House Trevalion and the sovereign duchy of Azzalle.





(1312-06-21) Unintended Consequences
Summary: Two Trevalion lords who are both soon to be wed compare notes and discover some of the ways...

(1312-06-13) We Do Get The Cat Too, Right?
Summary: The new heir to House Trevalion hears of a proposed marriage in his family, and gets...

(1312-05-31) Koningsdag
Summary: Prince Andre van Westerlo is hosting a King's Day festival in honour of the annual...

(1312-05-27) Bad Weather
Summary: A downpour sends a ducal heir into Le Coquelicot. Awkwardness ensues. RL Date: 2020-05-27...

(1312-05-23) Scabby Queen
Summary: As Hugo confides to Symon, he’d rather be sailing the south seas; but at least La Perle...

(1312-05-22) Embarrassing Enough
Summary: Even distraught young men have to eat. RL Date: 17/05/2020 Related: Wallowing in Grief,...

(1312-05-08) Wallowing In Grief
Summary: On the evening of the day his elder sister Reina breathed her last, the new heir to the...

(1312-04-12) Waterproof Skin
Summary: Haunting the Lis d’Or, who knows why, Hugo makes the acquaintance of one of its Eglantine...

(1312-04-11) Hook, Line, Sinker
Summary: Despite his best efforts, Hugo de Trevalion falls down a very elegant Night Court...

(1312-03-07) Hardly Scholars
Summary: Two would-be scholars meet by chance in Raziel’s and hatch a plan or, to be more accurate,...

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