Helene Agnes Verreuil
Fullname: Helene Agnes Verreuil
Played by: Rachel McAdams
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthdate: Jan 26
Class: Noble
House: Verreuil
Occupation: Baronesse de Poumarous
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Auguste and Sybille Verreuil
Siblings: Various, eldest brother is a fully marqued courtesan
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

Clever, but young Baronesse, out to make trade connections. From a family that has secluded themselves and focused on rebuilding the Baronnie for the past twenty years, few outside of older generations or close noble families, know the family well. They have built a reputation though as clever leaders who are focused on agriculture and trade relations.



Lady Helene Verreuil's branch of the family fell on difficult times nearly twenty years before following several years of bad harvests, and lesser sea catches, leading the family to turn away from court for a time to tend matters at home. In that time, they have focused on supporting their farmers and fishers at home, and building stronger trade lines to carry the Baronie through difficult seasons. Due to leaving court for so long, they have lost many of their non-Siovalese connections, save for the older generation. As such, they have largely skirted around merchant circles, and the upper gentry rather than amongst the high nobility, which is why, when Helene is now ready to go to court, she has sought the trading city of Marsilikos rather than the capital.

Helene was educated largely at home in Siovale, trained to take on her father's Baronie. The eldest of five children, she has a brother in Naamah's service, and one a Cassiline. A clever woman with a keen mind for diplomacy, and an ability to persuade in negotiations, she has served her family well in trade, and in assisting her father with tenant disputes.

Helene has been instrumental in a large ongoing project to build a new port in Siovale that combines a sea-faring port with a transfer to river barges and connects to a network of rivers throughout the inner provinces.






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