Hector Duboix
Fullname: Hector Duboix
Played by: Daniel Sheehan
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Birthdate: January 7th
Class: Commoner
House: L'Amour Méchant
Occupation: Mercenary
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Jean-Pierre Duboix - F (d.), Antoinette Duboix - M (d.)
Siblings: Probably
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None he knows about

Known Information

A retired Mercenary who has come to Marsilikos for the wine, women, and weather.


There are a lot of people who simply get missed in the world. Those who don't stand out. Those who aren't born with an inheritance, or a title waiting for them. These people just try to get by as best they can with what education they can get. Hector Duboix is one such person. Born in Elua to a cobbler, it was a given that he was going to be a cobbler as well. Family business and all. Except for one problem:

Hector hated shoes.

All he wanted was to wear them and then /do/ things. He became a rapscallion at a young age. A terror in his teens. It wasn't long before he ended up running with a very rough crowd. Never the leader, always the follower, Hector was keen on /doing/ things but he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer so to speak. His ideas for fun were always base, instinctive. Fight. Feast. Fornicate. It wasn't long before his size and strength ended him in a small mercenary company.

That company got eaten by another larger company, and so on and so forth. Over the decades Hector has seen many lands, killed many people, fought in righteous wars on the right side, and the wrong. He has faced bandits, he has /been/ the bandit. As he's gotten older though his wanderlust has begun to settle down a bit. He's lived through more battles than any man rightly should have and has managed to spend more coin than most see in their entire lifetime. At least among the commoners.

Arriving in Marsilikos with what little savings he has, Hector has come to settle down, as much as a man like he can, and live the good life. As he sees it.





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