Fullname: Gwenaelle Aglae de Mereliot
Played by: Emma Stone
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: March 2
Class: Clergy
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Priestess of Eisheth
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Gwenaël Marceau de Mereliot (father) and Sophia Anais de Nantes (mother)
Siblings: 5 older siblings.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Gwenealle is a Priestess of Eisheth who has, until two years ago, resided within the temple here within Marsilikos. She's returning from a trip to the City of Elua where she was a member of the temple there. When a chance to return home came up, she took it.


The youngest of six born to this younger son of a branch of the Mereliot House, she grew up among the house of a merchant. Her father has several ships, and travels seeking new things to import into Terre d'Ange. With family friends from all over, she also grew up in a household where a gift for languages served her well, allowing her to hold conversations with people from all over. Sadly, and much to her father's dismay, Gwenaelle does not have the stomach for sailing. Seasickness plagues her from the moment the ship might pull away from the dock, and doesn't let up till her feet are back on solid ground.

Her life would have been different if not for an accident that happened when she was but six years old. She and her siblings watched a group from Eglantine go through their routine of acrobatics preparing for a festival. All the kids tried to copy them in hopes of being noticed and maybe getting to go away to become novices in the "fun" House. When a sibling fell and broke their arm among other injuries, it was Gwenaelle's touch that kept them stable till they could get to the temple. Showing such a rare gift, Gwenaelle's family would realize her path in life was much like that of the ancestor she was named for. She was soon given to Eisheth's Temple within Marsilikos to begin her training and learn more about her gift of healing through touch that leaves her so drained. She'd be guided by Eisheth's touch and love.

The years have passed with Gwenaelle training as a priestess and healer within the temple. Her superiors always mention how well her bedside manners are, how comfortable her patients are with her. They also note how she has to be watched, for she will work herself to exhaustion. She's left the city two years ago to spend time within the City of Elua at the temple there, but she missed the sea, missed the sounds of foreigners at the port, and when the chance came up, quickly returned back home to Marsilikos.






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