Guillaume l'Envers
Fullname: Guillaume Aurelien l'Envers
Played by: Richard Madden
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: Jul 15
Class: Noble
House: l'Envers
Occupation: Vicomte de Courtenay
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: tbd
Siblings: tbd
Marital Status: Eligible
Children: None

Known Information

Originally the second son of the Vicomte de Courtenay and his Eglantine/Mereliot wife, he has recently returned from the University in Tiberium on the death of his father and elder brother. He is known to have a keen mind for the law, a dazzling personality one on one, and a shyness in crowds.





(1311-08-28) Lost Dreams and Future Ambitions
Summary: Guillaume and Desarae meet in the Explorers' Club in Raziel's Sanctum, and talk of...

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