Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol
Fullname: Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol
Played by: Scott Eastwood
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthdate: November 8th
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Baron de Monteaux
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Stéphan de Basilisque and Florianne nó Eglantine de Basilisque
Siblings: Richard de Basilisque (27), Sibling (22), and Aurélie Basilisque nó l'Envers (17)
Marital Status: Married
Children: Not Yet

Known Information

Recently arrived to Marsilikos as a newlywed, the former Basilisque unlanded lord, is now Baron de Monteaux. Not much is known about him to the natives.


Gregoire de Basilisque is the second son of Stephan de Basilisque, Baron de Cleron, and Florianne no Eglantine de Basilisque. And missed being the heir by merely three minutes. While Richard certainly never lorded it over his brother, their uncanny resemblance to each other often caused other people in the household to mistake which twin they were talking to. In some ways, the hypocrisy of birth was more keener to this lad as he got older. Gregoire developed a reputation as being a surly and bad tempered fellow that battle raged on the field. A bit scary at times enough that many avoided him off the battle field. For those that know Gregoire as this surly fellow, it often surprise them to find that his attitude of a devil is match by a voice of an angel. Gregoire also has skill with the quill. He often could be found sketching maps of the various places that he had scouted. When the muse hits, he can be seen adding his black and white drawings to his journal. A journal that once he beat a man bloody for daring to touch when he was younger.

Florianne no Eglantine de Basilisque had a close personal friend, a Balm courtesan, from her days on the Mont in Elua. She made sure to correspond regularly. When her best friend had a daughter, Lady Louna de Monteaux, the two ladies conspired to have their children engaged. So at the age of three, Gregoire had already had his future wife picked out for him. Of course as she got older, she came to foster so that the two of them could get to know one another. Sadly, their first few encounters did not go well. Richard stepped in and smoothed things over with the young lady. When watching the two together, Gregoire felt the keen edge of not being everything that he brother was. Richard would take long walks with her, discussing books and other things that frankly Gregoire had no interest in. So it would be the young man's fate to be a Beast to his brother's Prince to his bride to be. Sadly, his brother wasn't in the position to marry out. So for better or worse, she was stuck with him.

Everyone in Cleron breathed a sigh of relief when he was sent to Valliers with the Comte de Chaumont to foster for a few years. He learned self-discipline of a soldier that his father had struggled to instill. When he returned to Cleron a young man who still had a bad temper but he had learned how to control it. The rough outbursts were more controlled than previously. He got to meet his wife a second time when the family traveled to Elua so that his youngest sister could be given to the Mont. Sadly, the stiff awkward conversations, the uncomfortable silences did nothing to bring these two together. Of course Richard was there to fill the awkward gaps, continuing to charm the young lady. Gregoire walked away from that visit vowing to avoid his future bride as much as possible until their wedding day. He threw himself into his duties, fighting skirmishes with the Skaldi on the border. Indeed both bride and groom managed to push off their wedding as long as possible until both families put pressure to finally tie the knot. These two strangers exchanged their vows knowing very little about each other. With the whirlwind of the wedding and then tour of his new lands as Baron, it's been quite the wild ride since their marriage was made six months ago.




richard Richard de Basilisque. Heir to Baron de Cléron. Twin Brother : It's complicated on so many levels.
louna Louna de Baphinol. Baronnesse de Monteaux. Wife. : Duty can be a terrible burden.
fenris Gaspard 'Fenris' Valliers. Lover. : My jagged pieces fit yours so well.
aurelie Aurélie Basilisque nó l'Envers. Sister. : We share the same blood but are strangers.


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