Giovanni di Lombaro
Fullname: Giovanni di Lombaro
Played by: Frank Grillo
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Birthdate: November 28th
Class: Foreigner
House: Other
Occupation: Trader
Province: Other
Country: Caerdicca Unitas
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Marital Status: Widower
Children: Several

Known Information

A trader from Caerdicca Unitas, recently arrived for the exhibition.


Born the first son of the Lombaro banking and trading house of Caerdicca Unitas, Giovanni di Lombaro was a smart kid upon which no shortage of expectations were heaped. He was well trained in mathematics, etiquette and the basics of spying so that he could develop contacts and learn to exploit them. In the years leading up to adulthood he had many tutors, and learned his lessons well.

Coming to adulthood, his father married him into the noble houses; his family's money propping up their waning fortunes, while their name and connections helped him expand their connections across Caerdicca Unitas. His wife's maiden name had been Caterina de Cavalla; with her he had three sons and two daughters.

As the years progressed, he expanded his family's trading empire, gaining many influential and useful contacts on the Silk Road, with several sailing concerns and many others. In time, he sailed, he learned many tongues, he learned to be ever more observant, to gamble like the Devil, and even to fight rather poorly. Returning from time to time to give his wife more children, to secure holdings and network more closer to home.

By the time he was forty, he'd mostly secured foreign interests and connections and was able to manage much of the Lombaro trading connections from the security of home. His sons now on adventures of their own, in the years since he has grown more and more capable of catching the winds of finance with a few well written letters.

Into his fifties now, he lost his wife recently to a passing illness he has some suspicion was orchestrated by enemies of the House. Towards that end, he has begun working to elevate the Lombaro family from that of a 'merchant family' to nobility, and has begun paying a great many bribes. Not the least of which was that he has offered to participate in the foreign Exhibition in Marsilikos—on his own coin. The better to gain good standing back at home.




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