Ghislaine Chalasse
Fullname: Ghislaine Cerise Alexandra Jasmine Chalasse
Played by: Michelle Trachtenberg
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: Apr 13
Class: Noble
House: Chalasse
Occupation: Vicomtésse De Moulins/Heir to Comte de Vichy
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Lord Casimir de Chalasse (d) and Lady Alexandra de Chalasse (d)
Siblings: Amour de Chalasse (d), Clovis de Chalasse (d)
Marital Status: Married
Children: None

Known Information

  • Married to Bastien Delaunay de Chalasse
  • Her parents and siblings were tragically murdered
  • She is the Vicomtésse De Moulins
  • She is the Heir to Comte de Vichy


Strife and discord was abound in the Comte de Vichy, as there was unrest and displeasure with how the people were being treated. Taxes were unreasonably high and the nobles had much infighting that it was costing much. The saving grace for this was Ghislaine Cerise Alexandra Jasmine Chalasse. The granddaughter of the current Comtesse de Vichy and a woman of beauty and grace. There was no doubting she would lead to a new age that would save them from the discord going on. Though she was young she was married to a child of a former Comte in Eisande: Bastien Delaunay no Coquelicot, an excellent match.

Few, even though it was such a huge sensation, would realize Ghislaine lost her family in the blink of an eye. Her father, the heir to the comte her grandfather held, her mother, and her three younger siblings. IT was luck that the Comte de Vchy had taken her off to travel the lands to have her understand it. Had they not been travelling there would be no doubting they would have met the same fate. Realizing the risk to Ghislaine, who the people considered to be the Salvation of the Comte and its holdings, Ghislaine's grandfather arranged for her to have a Casseline to protect her.

Ghislaine proved to be the heir expected of her. She strove to make peace, calm the unrest among her people by working to return what was lost by the nobles that felt they should have everything their people had. Through her advice the current Comte of Vichy replaced Viscomtes and Barons with different members of their family: ones that cared for their people. Though Ghislaine wanted to spare those who continued to rebel the current Comte made an example of them and Ghislaine learned, through her tears, that she would have to do the same harsh actions to quill those who wished to circumvent her authority and discredit her. Kindness, after all, could be seen as a weakness by those who wished what she had.

Ghislaine, at the behest of her grandfather, journeyed to Marsilikos to make connections with those that resided in the Eisande province and to assess what she could gain there. The saving grace of comte de was given a farewell to remember by the people and her family, with the expectations she would return with even more benefits for their lands. Which is likely what will happen.




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