Gal Valais
Fullname: Gal Valais
Played by: Hugh Dancy
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthdate: Apr 7
Class: Noble
House: Valais
Occupation: Soldier
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Gregorien Valais & Uxorre de Valais
Siblings: Louis Valais (d.)
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

Gal's family background is not widely known; most people in Marsilikos know him only as a young recruit in the City Guard, a rambunctious but kind-spirited young man given to drinking and carousing, popular with the ladies (and the gentlemen) — and yet dutiful, never known to be slack in his appointed offices, a good enough hand at a sword.





(1311-08-28) Sweet Mead for the Guard
Summary: Gal and Elin share further conversation about the prisoner. RL Date: 30/08/2019 ...

(1311-08-14) Two Sides
Summary: Gal and Jacquet catch each other up, in regards to the current investigations. RL Date:...

(1311-08-13) Asking a Favour
Summary: The newly arrived Gotlandish emissary receives her first visitors at the guest tower. RL...

(1311-08-06) Why don't you leave?
Summary: A young guardsman brings a Skald to take a look at the prisoner. Both foreigners bond by...

(1311-08-02) About A Pendant II
Summary: Gal gets a third opinion on the pendant. RL Date: Fri Aug 02, 1311 Related: Incident...

(1311-08-02) About A Pendant I
Summary: Gal runs the arrow pendant by a real live verified Skald. RL Date: Fri Aug 02, 1311 ...

(1311-08-01) Permission to Visit is Granted
Summary: A breakfast has been brought to a foreign prisoner and she was visited by a friend while a...

(1311-03-10) Unwelcome Home
Summary: Martel brings Helene home from the Temple to an unwelcome surprise. Gal is called from the...

(1311-02-17) Wishes and Practicalities
Summary: A busy Sunday at church gets wept up in a controversial on the practicalities and ideals of...

(1310-12-24) Searching the City
Summary: Marco and City Watch search the City of Marsilikos, seeking out information about the...

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