Fiorella nó Lis d'Or
Fullname: Fiorella nó Lis d'Or
Played by: Monica Bellucci(Young)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: March 10
Class: Courtesan
House: Lis d'Or
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Desideria Franco (d) and Vicomte Leonce Lafons
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Half-Foreign Courtesan of Salon Lis d'Or.


Fiorella was born to a high society Courtesan, Desideria Franco, of Caerdicci Unitas and a D'Angeline noble, Leonce Lafons, a Namarre noble on holiday. She learned the art of being a 'cortigiana onesta' starting at an early age from her mother, who trained her to use her natural assets and abilities to achieve a financially beneficial marriage later, though it never happened for her. She spent time in the library amongst the educated nobles, learning to read and write, and listening to political conversations that her mother would have with her patrons. She learned as well to sing and dance, the former proving to be something she excelled at. Not only that, it was noticed by her mother how easy that Fi seemed to stir the emotions with patrons with only a demure look or smile. There was something more to her daughter than met the eye. Like her father, she was touched by the hand of Naamah herself, though it wouldn't be realized to much later.

Before she got too far into her lessons, the plague would hit La Serenissima when she was 10. A letter would be sent to Fi's father, whom her mother had long kept in touch. By the time he would send someone, it was too late for Desideria, who died just the day before. With her things packed, Fi would be brought to Terre D'Ange within the year. It was there in Marsilikos that father and daughter would have a talk that included the Head Courtesan of the Salon de Lis d'Or. While Fi was older than most who would enter the salon for training and dedication to Naamah, she would be accepted as long as she wished to continue the training her mother had started. Fi would choose to honor her mother, and entered the Salon to begin her training, a year or so behind the others already within the salon.

At age 13, she would be dedicated to Naamah, her dove winging quickly towards the sky. Her training would blend those of Dahlia and Englantine, pushing her singing to realms she might not have back in Caerdicci. Her debut would happen when she was almost 17. When she debuted, she was nicknamed the Shining Topaz of Marsilikos for both her beauty in body and voice. The patron who won her debut gifted her with several topaz pieces of jewelry which she always seems to favor wearing.

She caught the eye of one noble, the Comte Félicien Godefroi d'Eresse, who contracted her to be on his arm for many a function both in Marsilikos where he would visit, and in the City of Elua. He paid her handsomely each time. Though her marque grew perhaps slower than others, it did so in leaps and bounds. After a few weeks in the City of Elua, Fiorella has recently returned to the Salon again, this time, with enough ducats to almost finish her marque.

In the last month of 1310, just before the Longest Night, Fiorella finished her marque, soon recognized by the Head Courtesan of the Salon Lis d'Or as a full Courtesan. Fio's choice has been to remain with the Salon, to give back to the place she's called home for so many years.






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