Gaspard 'Fenris' Valliers
Fullname: Gaspard 'Fenris' Valliers
Played by: Tom Hardy
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Birthdate: Jul 27
Class: Unlanded Noble
House: Valliers
Occupation: Warrior/Herbalist
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Acelin Valliers (d), younger brother to the Duc & Miranda Eltoine de Valliers (d)
Siblings: No
Marital Status: Betrothed
Children: Roan Aceline Valliers & Octavia Eltoine Valliers(Oct 13th 1310)

Known Information

A skaldic raised Lord. He was captured fighting as a slave warrior for the Skaldian's and he looks D'Angeline so something very wrong happened to him.


A noble man brought his young family to the Skaldi border to inspect the troops. His young son of four was already showing signs of being interested so he felt that he should show him. While the commander was showing them through the soldiers ranks and the little boy was getting grins in his wee helmet. The Skaldian’s took that moment to attack the border, sending the camp into chaos as the battle raged. The noble man told his wife and son to run back to the tent and hide.

Unfortunately, the mother suffered from a pitiful sense of direction so they ran in circles around the battle, unable to find the safety of the tent. As the battle was coming to a close, the mother was shot with an arrow and she held her child and told him to hide. He nodded his head and ran off. A rider saw this young child with a helmet running towards the battle and rode beside him, grabbing him by the shirt and stealing him away from the chaos.

That young noble child brought into the lands of Skaldia. He was given as a young servant to bring food to the ruler’s table. Eventually he was brought all the way to Norstock and on the road there the ruler’s horse was accosted by bandits. Fenris, with natural ability, fought them off. While he was wounded in the attack, the ruler saw the potential this teen had. He contacted his friend who lived near Maarten’s Crossing who was a retired warrior due to an amputation. He brought the teen there and had him train his body in war. This ruler wanted a new loyal dog. It didn’t take long for Fenris to catch onto many aspects of war but he always felt that Skaldi was beautiful but…off. He felt out of place.

Fenris got older and had totally forgotten his roots. To him, he was just a slave to do his rulers bidding. He wasn’t noble. He wasn’t D’Angeline. He was not a Scion. He just kept training. During his visits around Skaldi he started to talk to the Druids and pick up a lot about different plants. Listening to their passion built his passion. He started to love the green he could find, or the flowers, or special mosses. Sometimes, he would get distracted from doing his daily chores if he found a unique plant.

In his thirties, something interesting happened. He was sent to the front lines of the border between Skaldi and Terra D’ange. They were to do a sneak attack with a small group of men and jump a group of knights. Unfortunately, it seemed like the knights knew they were coming and a few died, a few ran away but he was taken hostage by the knights. Now the story continues….





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