Farah Shamabarsin
Fullname: Farah Firzadeh Shamabarsin
Played by: Amber Rose Revah
Gender: female
Age: 19
Birthdate: January 3rd
Class: Foreigner
House: Shamabarsin
Occupation: Niece to the Khalif
Country: Khebbel-im-Akkad
Parents: Prince Fouzan Tariq Shamabarsin, a courtesan of House Valerian.
Siblings: Half-siblings, and many of them!
Marital Status: unwed
Children: None

Known Information


Farah was born a halfblood bastard, as daughter to one of the younger brothers of the Khalif, Prince Fouzan Tariq Shamabarsin, and his concubine, a woman he had brought with him from travels to far away Elua in Terre d'Ange, the fully marqued courtesan Fleur nó Valerian. Some circumstances prevented him from making her his wife, but it pleased Fouzan to have this d'Angeline among his retainers. When Farah was born, his parentage stood above doubt, and so she was raised alongside the children of Prince Fouzan's wives, a princess among many others.

Farah's mother was her main focal point in the first years, before Fleur left Khebbel im Akkad to return to Terre d'Ange, in the company of a d'Angeline lord and good friend of the Prince. The daughter stayed. Had to. Because she was of royal blood, she was given no choice, but instead grew up in the golden cage that was the seraglio of Prince Fouzan.

Her beauty became evident at an early stage, which led to a betrothal arrangement with one of the Khalif’s younger sons. It was a tragedy, that came with intrigues that would finally make the Khalif send away some of his sons, when that younger Prince that was her intended died in a hunting accident. And so Farah’s fate was undecided for awhile - until the Khalif decided to make a political arrangement with the King of Terre d'Ange. Daughters and nieces would be sent there, and married to landed nobility of the most important and powerful d'Angeline families. This halfblood bastard was among them.





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