Ezio d'Aiglemort
Fullname: Ezio Salvatore d'Aiglemort
Played by: Luke Evans
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: July 16
Class: Noble
House: Aiglemort
Occupation: Vicomte de Vienne
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Lionel d'Aiglemort (d), Bernadette Rossi (d)
Siblings: Two Younger, unnamed
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

One of the most dangerous swordsmen in all the lands. Powerful speaker in the courts, recently returned from the Camlach-Skaldic border after being wounded in the more recent battles. Amazing commander who have led many Camlach soldiers to victory repeatedly, held his ground with minimal soldiers against a massive skaldic army until reinforcements arrived.


Ezio Salvatore d'Aiglemort was born thirty years ago to the Vicomte and Vicomtesse de Vienne. Many might wonder why his name sounds more Caerdicci rather than d'Angeline, and well, that is largely because of his mother's Caerdicci heritage and blood. Nevertheless, despite being the oldest of three, Ezio was also the most…violent. From a young age, he immediately took to swordsmanship like it was his religion, preferring curved blades as opposed to the more traditional rapier or longsword, but his training paid off one day, as he would become one of the most skilled swordsmen in all of the land. As he grew up, he begrudgingly learned the art of politics and navigation of the courts, knowing full well that he would one day inherit the position his father held. Yet, Ezio would pursue his passion for warcraft.

Strategy. Tactics. The Art that was conflict…these were Ezio's truly intellectual passions. By the time he was a young man, he had led groups of individuals from hunting parties to battalions. In essence, he had become a warlord on the very field. When he was formally introduced to the wars that came from Skaldia, Ezio leapt at the oppurtunity. Eventually, his father left command of the Vicomte's armies to Ezio. Alas, while the raids went on, Ezio eventually received intelligence that the Skaldic force that stood at the border was small and unprepared for combat. Imagine his surprise when instead of a small force, he encountered a massive army.

After immediately sending word for reinforcements, Ezio held the line in the battle against far superior numbers until they could arrive. In the end, Ezio lost half of his force…but he made the enemy pay dearly for their efforts.

However…the day finally came when his father would pass away from the combined efforts of illness and age, and thus did Ezio rise to the challenge and claimed the title of Vicomte. However, while he was more than happy to tend to his duty as Vicomte while still on the front lines, he was nigh-mortally wounded in his last conflict by blade, an injury that forced him to leave the battlefields. Being forced to leave the battlefield was the bane of Ezio's life, but after passing command to his second, Ezio returned home. He went to Marsilikos soon after, when Camlach healers failed to treat his wounds, in knowledge that the House of Eisheth has some of the greatest healers in all the land….and to lead his house more directly. Ever since, Ezio has led his house to prosperity, using the same leadership skills that made him successful on the field of battle to succeed in the courts and stewardship while enduring the healing process.

Perhaps the future is bright for the Vicomte or perhaps it is not. Regardless of what the future might hold, it is now time for Ezio to see his tale written.





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