Everard de Mereliot
Fullname: Everard de Mereliot
Played by: Rudi Dollmayer
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: April 6
Class: Noble
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Noble
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Erik de Mereliot, Analise nó Eglantine (c.)
Siblings: Roxane, others
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information


The son of Erik de Mereliot and his consort Analise, Everard has been and intends always to be far from inheriting any titles. His uncles were the Vicomte de Toulon and Baron de Narbonne but his father holds no lands. This is a preferable existence. Now his cousins rule the lands of Toulon and he has more freedom to do as he pleases. That isn't to say he isn't dutiful to his family. As a young boy he took to the ocean like a fish, spending as much time possible swimming and learning about the ships of the Mereliot fleet. His youth was spent looking up to his brother Achille, eight years Everard's senior. Achille was everything a younger brother could want to be - popular, outgoing, distant enough to be mysterious. Everard would frequently make him promise to take the boy out to sea when he was older and Everard held him to this promise when he was old enough. Achille insisted upon Everard learning the ropes as it were from the bottom up. No privilege for family standing, no special treatment because of his noble title. He cleaned, he stood watch, he did the work that every other young man does when first stepping aboard a ship. He did, however, progress more quickly and with more attention from the captain than most young men. Soon came lessons on shipboard decorum and politics, leadership, command skills. He learned to navigate and sail, to listen to the wind, to read the stars.

It was, to Everard, a perfect time in his life. It ended abruptly several months past. While taking an inventory of the ships stores, rough seas and a weak rope sent a large crate sliding across deck and into Everard. His leg was crushed and, despite the efforts of the shipboard medics, he walks with a limp. He's come to Marsilikos now, insisting to his brother that he be sent there and hoping that there may be something the Temple of Eisheth can do for him. Until then, it's time to see what the city has to offer.




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