Étienne D'Arguil
Fullname: Étienne d'Arguil
Played by: Luke Arnold
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: June 22nd, 1289
Class: Noble
House: Arguil
Occupation: Heir to the Baron de Berck
Province: Azzalle
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: The Baron de Berck (Jean) and his Eisandine wife, Isabeau
Siblings: Three younger sisters (Agnès 17, Claude 14, Antoinette 8) and a younger brother (Orland 5), all adored
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None known

Known Information


Étienne is heir to the Baronnie de Berck on the north coast of Azzalle.

They are an old house and the blood of Azza is said still to run in their veins, but time and fortune have eroded their importance rather and while they are comfortable, an advantageous match or preferably several such would do much for the dignity of the house, at least in the minds of Etienne's formidable grandmother, Agnès (a poor relation to house Toluard), his mother Isabeau (who was a Baphinol), and his host of aunts.

Alas, Étienne, while martial enough in terms of training is rather more enamored of the sea than is ideal. He has taken of late to slipping away to a certain tavern by the docks in which seafaring gentlemen with interests not strictly legal are apt to congregate. In fact, Etienne D'Arguil consorts with smugglers, likely as much for the tales of adventure and the excitement of it as for more material reasons. He has lent a hand here and there for the hiding of cargo and stood the occasional look-out. This pleases neither the Dowager Baroness, nor his parents. Really, the boy is not even close to being ready to take on the responsibilities of an heir, being too dreamy and mischievous by half.

What is needed is some proper direction and a distance from troublesome acquaintances. The hope is that sending him far away with a strict allowance (enough to uphold an heir's dignity without leaving enough extra for excesses) will get him away from less wholesome influences — and that a sojourn in Marsilikos might lend him a bit of much-needed polish. His mother originally hailing from Eisande, there is hope he might make use of some of her ties to the region in getting on there.



oriane Oriane Somerville de Toluard : A famous and alarmingly dazzling distant relative whose floors Étienne is pretty sure he's not worthy to scour.
emmanuelle Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai : An alarming acquaintance of far too high a station.
jehan-pascal Jehan-Pascal Aumande de Baphinol : The son of my Mother's older brother.
symon Symon de Perigeux : Another member of the Society for the Scrounging of Supper.
chimene Chimène Alais Rousse de la Courcel : Terrifying Swan and even more dangerous.
laurene Laurene Chalasse : Straight forward and more than meets the eye
anse Anse de Basilisque : A sensible priest.
oliver Oliver de Basilisque : A rather confused young man.
aedhwyn Áedhwyn mab Mór Ríoghain : A Princess of Alban descent serving as an ambassador.
ailene Ailene Lili-Ange Trevalion : An Azzalleze lady of high birth.
narcisse Narcisse Trevalion : A pleasant Azzalleze gentleman.
thibault Thibault Mercer Charlot : A rude man of high birth
yves Yves Nicodeme Valliers : Fine warrior, terrible gambler.
fenris Gaspard 'Fenris' Valliers : An ex-Skaldian raider and slave, also a noble stolen from here.


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