Eneas d'Aiglemort
Fullname: Eneas d'Aiglemort
Played by: Benoit Marechal
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Birthdate: Apr 22
Class: Noble
House: d'Aiglemort
Occupation: Lord - Unlanded
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Berenger d'Aiglemort (d) and Igraine Le Blanc d'Aiglemort
Siblings: Bertrand d'Aiglemort, Baron de Beaune — Older Brother
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: Probably none

Known Information




gwenaelle Sister Gwenaelle Aglae de Mereliot : Such a headstrong, infuriating and confusing Priestress.
inesse Lady Inesse de Baphinol : Such a shy child on the cusp of adulthood. One I would normally would have overlooked, but there is a hidden boldness in the girl waiting to bloom.


(1311-05-17) Blind No More
Summary: Oliver meets Gwenaelle at Eisheth's temple, and a miracle is performed. (Overseen by...

(1311-01-18) Three Offerings
Summary: Before leaving for Siovale, Helene meets Eneas in the Temple of Elua RL Date: Jan 18,...

(1311-01-03) Catching Up
Summary: Several days after returning to Marsilikos, Eneas reaches out to Gwenaelle and visits the...

(1310-12-27) Found at Last
Summary: Eneas, Helene and company start off from the inn and com across Lois and Zoe. The two young...

(1310-12-26) The Trail Grows Hotter
Summary: Helene has more luck than Eneas in following trail, and they discuss their next options. ...

(1310-12-25) Under the sign of Stumbling Pony
Summary: Eneas and Helene continue on their journey, stopping the night in an Inn RL Date:...

(1310-12-25) Paths and Compromises
Summary: Eneas and Helene head east from the Stumbling Pony, and bad weather leads to conflict, and...

(1310-12-23) Journey to Harpoon Lane
Summary: A trio discover clues that lead them down to Harpoon Lane where they hope to discover...

(1310-12-23) First Steps
Summary: Eneas tells Helene about Gwen's disappearance, and they begin to investigate RL Date:...

(1310-12-23) At the End of the Day
Summary: Eneas tracks Helene down when she misses dinner to share information. RL Date: 2019-01-03...

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