Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai
Fullname: Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai
Played by: Alessandra Ferri
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Birthdate: February 27th, 1268
Class: Noble
House: It's complicated
Occupation: Retired Dowayne
Province: That's complicated too
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Lorianne Mereliot, the late Lady of Marsilikos, and her consort Edouard Shahrizai, founder of the Salon de la Rose Sauvage
Siblings: An assortment of Mereliot half-siblings
Marital Status: Absolutely not
Children: Three

Known Information

Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de Shahrizai is the former Dowayne of Mandrake House on Mont Nuit, a scion of Kushiel, and a half-sister of the Lady of Marsilikos. She retired from Naamah's service in the year 1310 and returned to the home of her childhood, for reasons she has not chosen to speak of publicly.


Emmanuelle was a child made for love’s sake by the previous Lady of Marsilikos, Lorianne Mereliot, and her Shahrizai consort whose passion was to introduce that city to the sharper pleasures. If ever she had a place in the succession of her mother’s duchy it was purely notional: there was only one proper sphere for a little girl who displayed such a preternatural talent for making little boys cry. And so Emmanuelle Mereliot became Emmanuelle Shahrizai.



armandine The Lady of Marsilikos : Favourite sister.
desarae The Unexpected Heiress : A niece met for almost the first time as a grown woman dealing with the aftermath of tragedy. For the sake of the girl's late mother, her sister Monique, Emmanuelle is interested in forging a relationship: but progress is slow and barriers linger, not all of which Emmanuelle would wish to overcome.
ortolette The Resurgent Blossom : The niece with whom Emmanuelle has naturally had the most to do, in their respective capacities as the family invalid and the family chirurgeon. In Ortolette's childhood she folded paper flowers for her; the gifts she brings now are of rather more sophisticated a nature.
irene The Baby Goat : A lady-in-waiting of the duchesse de Mereliot, whom Emmanuelle treated for a serious illness in her lungs contracted in the late summer of 1310. The girl seemed to possess a death wish, which Emmanuelle made it her business to thwart; in truth it was more of a love wish aimed at Lord Cyriel Charlot. As soon as Irene was well enough to travel she left ducal service to return to her family's lands, accompanied by her chirurgeon's misgivings.
cyriel The Victorious : When two predators meet there's not much to be done but circle cautiously and depart in different directions. Still, this Charlot lord was a pleasure to tease.
alcibiades The Sailor : A useful man, whose weak points provide solid entertainment: and now a patient into the bargain, with threads tied to him that he may not yet understand.
jehan-pascal The Lost Calf : It's all right. Emmanuelle has found him now.


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(1310-10-11) A Storm in the High Southerns
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