Emilie Malet
Fullname: Emilie Malet no Heliotrope
Played by: Emilie de Ravin
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Birthdate: Feb 13 1275
Class: Clergy
House: None
Occupation: Priestess and Retired Heliotrope Courtesan
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Baker Mother, Merchant Father
Siblings: older sister (49) and younger brother (34)
Marital Status: Single
Children: none

Known Information

Emilie was a commoner born in Marsilikos to a baker and a merchant. She has an older sister and a younger brother. She was selected by a Heliotrope Courtesan and brought to Elua to study to be a Courtesan. She finished her Marque earlier than expected. As a fullly marqued Courtesan she did well. She got an obsessed fan who tried to kill her. He ended up scaring her. For a while she assisted with the Novices and Adepts behind the scenes but eventually retired as a Courtesan to become a Priestess of Namaah. After some time she returned to Marseilles to be the Namaah Priestess.


Emilie was the second child of a baker and a merchant, the second of three children. Emilie's start of her life was in Marsilikos on the poorer side of the spectrum. She might not have been starving but it was a struggle to survive. She would help her mother, the baker, and her father, the merchant, in their shops even as someone who was just barely out of her toddler years at the age of six. She felt that her family needed her to be responsible. Her older sister, almost 14 years older than Emilie, had her own family just starting that she had to tend to. Even her younger brother, barely a year younger, give assistance where he could. It was difficult for both siblings Emilie loved her family far more than she loved to play so, to her, it was not a chore to help her family but a labour of love.

It was not long before her eighth birthday that a Courtesan, from Heliotrope in Elua, stepped into the family bakery to order some baked goods for his return trip to Elua and the Night Court there. When he saw this young girl working so hard to help her family, he was an observant fellow and he could tell it was not a love for baking that drove the girl but love for the people around her. Her family, the customers, and the potential future customers. He knew she belonged in Heliotrope with him and the others of the House. Before talking to the hard working girl about joining him on the trip back to Elua he spoke with her parents. He could see how they struggled to make ends meet. The desire to bring Emilie back with him extended his stay in Elua, he knew the girl belonged with Heliotrope even if she did not yet. Her parents were quick to agree, both because the man spoke true and because it would ease their life a little. Emilie, however, was a little harder to convince. Not because the child didn't want to but because her love for those around her made her feel she would be abandoning them. Between her family, customers, and the Heliotrope it didn't take too long for her to understand she would not be leaving them in the lurch. She was a child destined for great things, they said. So, she left with the Heliotrope man to go to Elua to begin her training as a member of the Night Court.

Though, she was not the most talented at some of the expected skills, such as politics and leadership, for a Heliotrope she did learn them well enough that there was no chance of shame. It was the absolute love she showed for everyone and thing that drew people in, she naturally embodied the love those of Heliotrope were known for. Her marque got paid off quicker than expected due to the encompassing love she gave to people. Her gentle heart had her sending money back to her family whenever she could, though, it often left her lacking in spending money for things outside what was needed for her life as a Courtesan.

The great love she felt, however, was a double edged sword. One client of hers became obsessed with her, dangerously so, he took an assignation with her, a night on the town he said, which was what he did. He took her around Elua, giving the loving Emilie the night of her life. However, when the night was coming to a close it took a far darker turn. He knocked her out then brought her to his home and locked her into a room that she could not escape from. He made promises of treasuring he forever, she wouldn't need to spend time with anyone but him. He would keep her. Emilie understood what was going on, she was being kept in a gilded cage by someone who wanted her to himself. She knew she had to escape. Or wait and hope for someone to rescue her. She knew the Night Court would come as soon as they realized that she was not back from her assignation when it ended. However, she didn't know what would happen to her in the duration between now and then. So, she schemed to make her escape. Though effort she managed to break the door down. She knew it would not be long before the man came to check what the noise was, so she did her best to get towards the exit. She was not quick enough. He was angered. He proclaimed that if he could not have her, no one could. So, he pulled out a dagger and slashed at her several times, cutting her deeply several times. She just barely managed to move enough to keep them from being fatal. Though, the pain and the blood leaving her finally made her collapse. In that moment Emilie thought her life would end. That she would be no more. Just as the man was about to finish her off members of the Night Court and Elua City security arrived, along with the Heliotrope man who had brought Emilie to the Night Court. He assured her she would be okay, the soothing tone easing the fears that Emilie had. She was brought to a healer and she survived the night. However, the terror she felt did not easily leave her. She became terrified to take assignations, which was not good but since the man scarred her it didn't matter. She didn't leave the Heliotrope House right away. She thought, maybe, she could handle training the Novices and behaving as a chaperone to them but her terror over what happened made it hard for her to not get excessively fretful over what could happen to the boys and girls of the Night Court. Those of Heliotrope, having felt the love Emilie was capable of displayed their own towards her by helping her, alongside the Namaah clergy, get over her fears. Which happened. For a little longer she continued to guide Novices but she knew she could not stay in the Heliotrope House any longer, even as she was. So, she left to join the Namaah clergy.

Instead of returning to Marsilikos Emilie decided to take the path that helped her most get over her fear of assignations. They helped her to be able to continue to love with all her heart and forgive the sins that were done against her. Becoming a priestess. She didn't even need to think of which she would devote to herself too. Namaah's clergy saved her from her person hell so she knew it was where her calling was next. So, she joined the clergy. She, once again, did her training this time as an Acolyte. For her the training was not a problem just another way for her to learn how to show her love. She look longer to finish her training to become a priestess than she did to finish her marque but she finished it. For a while she stayed in Elua as a priestess there but, eventually, when she learned her parents were ailing, she decided to return to Marsilikos as a priestess of Namaah at the Temple for her there. So, to Marsilikos she went to serve Namaah there as well as to aid those that needed the love of Namaah in Marsilikos.


Emilie is currently the Priestess who leads the Namaah Temple.


* Victoria: Offered guidance to her sister.


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