Émilie de Perigeux
Fullname: Émilie de Perigeux
Played by: Rebecca Hall
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: September 15th
Class: Noble
House: Perigeux
Occupation: Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: The late vicomte de Bergerac and his surviving consort, Délice nó Heliotrope
Siblings: Several half, several full
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d’Or is a Camellia from the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers in the City of Elua, who came to Marsilikos in the winter of 1311 to take up the position of Second of Camellias at the Salon de Lis d’Or. She is Siovalese by birth, and a Scion of Shemhazai noted for the flashes of brilliance which illuminate her many well-cultivated perfections.

After serving seven months in that position she retired quietly from Naamah's service.




hugo Hugo de Trevalion : The new heir to the sovereign duchy of Azzalle is the perfect patron: rich, clean, and biddable. He never looks Émilie in the eye, or retains a single word she might say to him, but that's par for the course, isn't it? And no barrier to their signing a long-term contract that will be marvelously lucrative for Émilie over the next year and a half.
andrei Andrei Anghelescu : Preparing to abandon his incognito, this foreign dignitary came to call with an unusual proposition. At first Émilie did her duty to the salon and tried to match him with a suitable adept— but now she herself is his companion of choice, and she couldn't be happier about the terms of their contract, written and otherwise.
cyrille Cyrille de Rocaille : A blushing neophyte, whose first Night Court contract Émilie sealed on behalf of the Lis d'Or.


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(1312-04-11) Hook, Line, Sinker
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(1312-03-17) Oil and Water
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(1312-03-16) Night Court Customs 101
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(1312-03-14) A Heathen in the Garden
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(1312-03-13) Cooking Up An Assignation
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(1312-01-28) Meeting Needs
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