Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d'Or
Fullname: Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d'Or
Played by: Rebecca Hall
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: September 15th
Class: Courtesan
House: Lis d'Or
Occupation: Camellia Second
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: The late vicomte de Bergerac and his surviving consort, Délice nó Heliotrope
Siblings: Several half, several full
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d’Or is a Camellia come from the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers in the City of Elua, to take up the position of Second of Camellias at the Salon de Lis d’Or in Marsilikos. She is Siovalese by birth, and a Scion of Shemhazai noted for the flashes of brilliance which illuminate her many well-cultivated perfections.




hugo Hugo de Trevalion : The perfect patron: rich, clean, and biddable. He never looks Émilie in the eye, or retains a single word she might say to him, but that's par for the course, isn't it?
andrei Andrei Anghelescu : Preparing to abandon his incognito, this foreign dignitary came to call with an unusual proposition — which Émilie rather wishes she were in a position to take advantage of herself…
cyrille Cyrille de Rocaille : A blushing neophyte, whose first Night Court contract Émilie sealed on behalf of the Lis d'Or.


(1312-03-17) Oil and Water
Summary: The trouble with trying to slip into the temple baths for a quiet soak when they’re not too...

(1312-03-16) Night Court Customs 101
Summary: With your hostess Émilie Perigeux nó Lis d’Or. RL Date: 15/03/2020 - 16/03/2020 ...

(1312-03-14) A Heathen in the Garden
Summary: That foreign nuisance Andrei Anghelescu makes up his mind or has it made up for him? to...

(1312-03-13) Cooking Up An Assignation
Summary: Odette brings a handsome new patron to sign his very first contract at the Lis d’Or. RL...

(1312-03-07) Hardly Scholars
Summary: Two would-be scholars meet by chance in Raziel’s and hatch a plan or, to be more accurate,...

(1312-01-28) Meeting Needs
Summary: Hugo’s pretty sure he’s screwed up here somewhere… Why, yes! A budding detective in our...

(1311-12-21) Longest Night in Marsilikos
Summary: The Night Court of Marsilikos celebrates Longest Night. Coco warning: Candid language RL...

(1311-12-19) Two Delights
Summary: Girls don’t want boys, girls want small fluffy kittens. RL Date: 14/12/2019 - 16/12/2019 ...

(1311-12-13) A Ship of the Line
Summary: Hugo strolls into the Lis d’Or of an afternoon and makes the acquaintance of the new...

(1311-12-12) Le Camélia Roux
Summary: Émilie makes the acquaintance of a young gentleman she truly desires to attract, and...

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