Emelisse nó Lis d'Or
Fullname: Emelisse nó Lis d'Or
Played by: Tuppence Middleton
Gender: Female
Age: 27 years old
Birthdate: May 11
Class: Courtesan
House: Lis d'Or
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Montague (55) and Leonore (50) Forestier
Siblings: Clair (25), Chevalier (30) and Rousseau (32)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Emelisse nó Lis d'Or is a fully marqued courtesan of Camellia canon. She is known to be not only a pretty companion at the events but also a partner for a discussion almost on any subject such as politics, economy, philosophy, literature and etc.


It is so rare for a young commoner to receive an attention of the Night Court. However, Emelisse nó Lis d'Or (27) was a very special child. Her memories of the early days have been clouded by the years of lush and exciting life. She was growing up as one of the middle children of Montague (55) and Leonore (50) Forestier. She had a younger sister Clair (25) and two older brothers: Chevalier (30) and Rousseau (32). Her family owned a beautiful vineyard from her father’s side. Her mother inherited almost a hundred hives from her own father and was quite a passionate Beekeeper like many generations in her line before. When a husband and a wife joined their businesses, this couple earned a fortune! Their wine and honey products received many praises of nobility and the Night Court.

Rousseau was growing up to take over the business from Montague when the time comes. Recently, Montague has been very ill and the oldest child had to fill the shoes which were awaiting for him. Chevalier is still free to explore the world of science since Leonore is quite capable of handling the papers of her businesses while the young hired commoners are doing the hard work. But the woman is growing older and the days have become darker to her since she has some trouble with sight. So, the older brother starts to feel the pressure as well.

Clair, the little Dove, was lucky to receive a position of the maid in the l'Envers Court. Her devotion to hard work, influence of her parents and precious gifts lead to the point where currently Clair serves as a lady-in-waiting to the Lady of house l'Envers. She is not noble and she will probably never be, but she combs lady’s hair, picks lady’s gowns and escorts the lady to various occasions. The little Clair definitely has hopes to catch the eye of a nobleman.

Emelisse herself received an attention of the Camellia courtesan. It was a day when Montague (55) and Leonore (50) Forestier were invited to participate in one of the Night Court events since they were providing wine and delicacies of honey. They have decided to take Emelisse as well. It was quite a well considered decision. That day Emelisse acted as she usually is. She was like a little Princess who knew exactly when and what to do. Her manners were of the highest standards, her charisma made many smile, and the girl herself was looking magnificent. However, she caught the eye of Camellia courtesan Avellino when a seven years old girl approached her father and asked him to lean down that she could fix the collar of his shirt.

That is how Emelisse has joined the Night Court and made her family proud. She was going through the lessons in a manner Camellia would. She cared about every detail and pushed herself to work harder and harder to achieve perfection. Of course, even then the young woman never felt that she completed her task in the best of her abilities. Perfectionism developed into her desire to be the best.
After her marque was finished, Emelisse asked for her friends in the Salon to pull some strings that she could leave Namarre. The young woman wanted to explore the Terre d’Ange and new opportunities. Perhaps, to even earn enough funds and respect to open her own salon one day. After exploring various options, a friend of hers suggested to try her luck in one of the Salons of Marsilikos. This is how she ended up there in a Lis d'Or Salon, and has been working there for 4 years now.

She still has a close relationship with her parents, brothers and a sister. They communicate in letters almost weekly. If not with a brother, then with a mother or father, or sister.




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