Elliot de Rocaille
Fullname: Elliot Rocaille
Played by: Lucas Till
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthdate: July 1
Class: Noble
House: Rocaille
Occupation: Unlanded Lord
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Anabelle Perigeux & Fernand Adémar de Rocaille, Duc de Siovale
Siblings: Several Half Siblings
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Despite being the son of the Duc de Rocaille's consort and his technical firstborn, Elliot will never inherit. Namely because the Ducs wife has children of her own and has somehow strong armed the Duc into keeping Elliot out of the inheritance. However that hasn't stopped Elliot from having access to the family fortune and the best of everything he wants. The young man enjoys both scholarly and artistic pursuits and is known to be a Scion of Shemhazai as well.


Elliot Rocaille was one of several children of the Duc de Rocaille of Siovale. However he was the only one not born of the Duc's wife. Anabelle Perigeux an unlanded lady became the Ducs consort a few years after his marriage. While the Duc's relationship with his wife was always civil it was no secret that Anabelle held his heart. And so when Elliot was born in the same year as the Ducs heir and claimed without issue by the man it was quite the scandal. However the Duchesse would not have a rival to her children's claim. For even though some said that the fact Elliot was a scion of the Companion Shemhazai made him more suitable as an heir the Duc's wife would not acknowledge him as a viable heir to Siovale. Shortly after Elliot's second birthday rumors that Anabelle was pregnant again began to spread. However she died of complications partway through that pregnancy.

No one knows what really happened but rumor had it the the Duc's wife had her killed and threatened Elliot's life if her children did not all come before him in succession. This might have been why the Duc was always so eager to spoil the child of the consort he loved so much. Elliot received the best teachers, learning to dance, paint and play the violin. He also studied politics, humanities and law all for brief periods. Elliot was a young man with many interests and a love of the finer things in life. He sometimes had a short fuse but no one could deny he was perceptive and attentive in all his studies. While also outgoing he possessed a certain awkwardness around people, often coming across as dorky or too blunt at times.

When he turned twenty he decided to go on a tour of all the different provinces of Terre d'Ange, in hopes that he could find something new and interesting to learn. His last stop on that tour was Marsilikos where he planned to stay for a while. Its not that he feared returning home to the Duc and his wife…but he honestly did.




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