Elin Asbjornsdottir
Fullname: Elin Asbjornsdottir
Played by: Rachelle Lefevre
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthdate: March 14th
Class: Foreigner
House: Kalmar
Occupation: Jarl's Daughter/Emissary
Province: Småland
Country: Gotland
Parents: Asbjorn Sigurdsson, Ingrid Thorbjornsdottir
Siblings: Aksel Asbjornsson, Kjæld Asbjornsson
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

The ambassador of Gotland, sent to Marsilikos for the Great Exhibition. Unfortunately found dead about nine days before the opening feast of the event, on the tournament grounds before the city.


Born in the province of Småland to the Jarl of Kalmar, Asbjorn Sigurdsson, Elin grew up with two older brothers, Aksel and Kjæld. Aksel was to take up the position of jarl after their father's death, and so it was decided that he should take a bride. Elin was not directly involved in any of the wooing activities of her brother Aksel. But she was involved in defending her father's lands against the invasive efforts of the Jarl Knut of Oskarshamn. The people of Oskarshamn were expanding their borders, and it came to a final confrontation in an all-deciding battle.

Elin fought in this battle, and she managed to corner the other Jarl's wife and kill her. Only one member of Jarl Knut's closer family survived, injured. His daughter was taken hostage, and Elin would have liked to see her killed as well, had it not been that Elin's brother Aksel wished to take this young woman as his wife. The other folk of Oskarshamn had surrendered and were sent back to their lands, and Asbjorn Sigurdsson, Elin's father, sent his son Kjæld with them, to convey the rules of the new treaty.

Elin watched Aksel get more and more infatuated with the prisoner. She disapproved of this. But her father finally was persuaded by Aksel to agree to the match. Mingling blood with Oskarshamn might be of benefit for the future. How the prisoner girl managed to escape remains a mystery. But Aksel was furious and sent some of his people out to search for the young woman everywhere.

Elin meanwhile refused to marry, even if she had two or three affairs on the side. When word reached Gotland of a Great Exhibition to be held in far away Marsilikos, the king requested all the jarls to put forth potential emissaries. Asbjorn decided to send his daughter Elin. Her task will be to advertise the beautiful jewelry that is crafted in Kalmar, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings of silver, adorned with the distinctive amber that they find on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Wolf and bear pelts are other goods they will advertise.

Elin Absjornsdottir has received tutelage in the d'Angeline tongue, her speech is accented though, and she has a trusted advisor of the family with her, Leif Gunnarsson, a man in his late fifties.




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