Drake Laurentin Rousse
Fullname: Drake Laurentin Rousse
Played by: Stefano Masciolini
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthdate: 3 August
Class: Noble
House: Rousse
Occupation: Vicomte de Draguignan
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Dargon Rousse, Vicomte de Draguignan (d.) and Silène de Coucy
Siblings: One half-brother (d), one half-sister, Jelene
Marital Status: Married
Children: none

Known Information





jelene Jelene Rousse, Vicomtesse de Draguignan : My half-sister, the (new) Vicomtesse. She's quite cool, helping me out when I need it. Must make sure to never get on her wrong side though.
rajiya Rajiya Jadeja : The ambassador from Bhodistan. I took her on a trip to our vineyards outside town and she's teaching me Chi'inese. I think she quite likes me, but she's a princess and impossibly beautiful. I'm punching way above my weight here.
philomene Philomène Aiglemort de Chalasse : A lady with a wonky leg and a sharp mind for business. Good fun to be around. Trying to convince her to invest in my Chi'in campaign.


(1311-06-30) Falling In The Jam
Summary: Before he and his new bride journey to Draguignan, Drake Rousse takes his leave of the lady...

(1311-06-29) A Dragon Departs
Summary: Drake says goodbye RL Date: 13-09-2019 Related: None Maison des Herbes In...

(1311-06-13) Monkey Business
Summary: Chiméne calls Drake to account for some recent developments. RL Date: 13/06/2019 ...

(1311-06-10) Stripey Horses and In-Laws
Summary: Rajiya's parents arrive to Marsilikos for the upcoming wedding, bringing with them pets and...

(1311-06-02) The Festival of Lights
Summary: The Festival of Lights in Béziers concludes with the lighting of lanterns in remembrance of...

(1311-05-17) Gooseberry
Summary: Philomène, calling upon her betrothed young friends Drake and Rajiya, naturally acts as...

(1311-05-04) Day of Camael: Duel Contest
Summary: The duel contest of the Day of Camael RL Date: Sat May 04, 2019 Related: Days of the...

(1311-04-11) Prettifying the Port
Summary: With the quarantine lifted from the True North, the docks once again become a prime...

(1311-04-04) Zombies at the Ballet
Summary: Drake takes Philomene to the ballet RL Date: 4-04-2019 Related: None Opera...

(1311-03-20) Dragon Celebration
Summary: House Rousse cordially invites you to a little celebration at Rousse Mansion in Marsilikos...

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