Dominique d'Eresse nó Coquelicot
Fullname: Dominique d'Eresse no Coquelicot
Played by: India Eisley
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthdate: July 13
Class: Courtesan
House: Coquelicot
Occupation: Adept
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre Dange
Parents: Father: Baron Yodrick d'Eresse of Bellegarde
Mother: Odanessa Smith (D.)
Siblings: Two older and a few younger half siblings.
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information


Dominique d'Eresse no Coquelicot was the third born and of her father Baron Yodrick d'Eresse and the only one born to her mother, his consort, Odanessa Smith. Sadly Odanessa didn't survive birthing Dominique. Thankfully Yodrick's new wife, Matessia Belfours de d'Eresse was willing to take Dominique in as her own. And after her sixth birthday she was chosen for House Coquelicot. She is currently an adept and has just recently returned from mourning someone.




gauge Gauge d'Eresse/Baron de Beaucare : My distant cousin in need of mending. I will do my best to ease your sorrows.
elliot Elliot Rocaille : A potential client and one I look forward to seeing once again.


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