Diego Aragón
Fullname: Diego Francisco Aragón
Played by: Diego Boneta
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthdate: Dec 27
Class: Foreigner
House: Aragón
Occupation: Aragonian Diplomat
Country: Aragonia
Siblings: Leandra Aragón
Marital Status: Marisol Aragón

Known Information

A cousin to the King of Aragonia, Diego Francisco Aragón is an enthusiastic and charming diplomatic envoy from the neighboring nation. New to his position, he is easing into the life of a diplomat with a tour here in Marsilikos. It is likely he will one day be sent to the capital but for now he is here to discuss trade and, more importantly, protecting that trade alongside his D'Angeline neighbors.


Born into the luxury and status of the Aragonian court, Diego is a cousin of the king. Growing up in the lavish royal palace with the entire world set out before him, he began his life in a stereotypically courtly fashion. The best tutors to teach him etiquette, grace, give him a classical education. Masters at arms to train him with the sword, how to ride. Admirals to take him on voyages when his interests shifted toward a seafaring life. What really interested him and made him feel a sense of duty and responsibility within his privileged life was learning about trade, economics, and finances. Finding further training in these fields, he angled to have himself made a diplomat to neighboring Terre D'Ange. Though he would one day like to see the capital Elua and participate in the high politics between great nations, he contents himself with being sent to nearby Marsilikos to work out trade deals and provide safer shipping throughout the Mediterranean. If he gets to partake in the ducal court at the same time, well, all the better.




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