Delphine le Blanc de Baphinol
Fullname: Delphine Marylène le Blanc de Baphinol
Played by: Fanny Ardant
Gender: female
Age: 39
Birthdate: Jan 17
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Dowager Vicomtesse d'Orange
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Comte Sylvain le Blanc, Ouvianne Blays le Blanc
Siblings: Comte Arnaud le Blanc, another brother
Marital Status: Widowed (Florentin Baphinol, Vicomte d'Orange)
Children: Boniface, Inesse and Vivianne

Known Information

A charming widow who has singled out Marsilikos as her habitat. Mother to the current Vicomte d'Orange, Boniface Baphinol, and two lovely daughters.


Delphine was born as third child to the Comte Sylvain le Blanc and his wife, Ouvianne Blays le Blanc. With two older brothers, her fate seemed to be set, to be married off and out of her family, for some advantageous match. But first she was to grow from a studious, warmhearted girl into a no less warmhearted and passionate woman. Her mother wished to keep her around, and tutored her in the knowledge a d'Angeline lady of accomplishment should have, such as literature, courtly dances, but also the deeper secrets of choosing appropriate wines to go with a meal, and wine in general. Did I mention wine? Le Blanc has its own two brands they produce and export to all over Terre d'Ange. There is the white sparkling Baiser de Naamah, and the rosé wine called Le Rougir Timide. Both are quite popular in the Namarrese Capital of Troyes-le-Mont.

Delphine grew into a young woman, dark hair inherited from her mother's side, and hazel brown eyes like her father. Needless to say, that a Comte's daughter would celebrate a befitting sixteenth birthday on her first trip to Elua, upon Mont Nuit. It was the year she was presented before the Royal Court, and it was there that the Eisandine Comte d'Avginon caught sight of her. He was in the company of his brother Florentin, who would become the Vicomte d'Orange later. Her father may have wished to settle her in marriage with the Comte. But Hercule de Baphinol was already blessed with a wife (and son!), and so it was arranged that she would marry the younger Baphinol instead.

The marriage came with an increase of Le Blanc wine imports into Eisandine territory. And Delphine, a true scion of her province, soon developed deep love and affection for her new home, especially taking well to the social duties her new position came with. Fêtes, salons and exchanges about literature, poetry and even politics warmed her heart. Nevermind that her arguments would sometimes turn into plain statements of her emotional appreciation, she introduced a new quality to life at their seat in the city of Orange. Embracing her matromonial duties, she gave birth to a son, Boniface, and later, two daughters, Inesse and Vivianne. She would have borne more, but after a stillbirth three years after Vivianne was born, she never got with child anymore. As if Eisheth had placed her protective hand once again before the gates to her womb. This did not manage to dim the warm optimistic disposition of the Vicomtesse, on the contrary, it is said she embraced life and its wonders all the more.

She and her husband have — so rumor has it — invited others to join in their bedroom activities, living Elua's Precept to the fullest, as is not unusual for d'Angelines that have the blood of angels flowing through their veins. The Vicomté d'Orange flourished, and their happiness seemed to have no end — until it ended abruptly, when Sylvain's heart simply stopped beating in the moment they once again explored ecstatic highs in the bedroom. This happened two years ago. And Delphine, after an initial state of shock and evident mourning, has by now returned to a more positive view of things. Thus she has arrived in the city of Marsilikos, to negotiate some wine trade of the Vicomte d'Orange, and to become a noted presence in the Eisandine Capital after hiding away for so long in her pretty little love nest of a chateau. She has plans of holding social events, meetings for exchanges, discussions that would enrich and provoke the mind. And what better place would there be but Marsilikos, with its port and so many intriguing influences from within and without of Terre d'Ange.






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