Fullname: Delilah
Played by: Jessica Parker Kennedy
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthdate: 20th of December
Class: Commoner
House: None
Occupation: Madame Of L'Amour Méchant
Province: Terra d'Ange
Country: Menekhet
Parents: Dead
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information



Delilah was a six years old girl when her mother escaped a terrible life with a blacksmith of Menekhet. The man was abusive disrespectful craftsman with quite heavy anger issues. He was wise not to show his devious temperament in front of the customers, of course. His blades and armor were of high quality and he was respected in some quarters of Iskandria. People were busy with their own issues and daily routines in such a large city. The city was like an anthill. Everybody always were running with their own duties. So, they did not notice an insignificant lonely ant’s torture. Delilah’s mother did not have family and her husband used to repeat that she would be nothing more but a street whore if not his generosity. He gave her a child, a roof, food and money even if the only thing she could do was making him happy under the bed sheets.

One of those late nights when he came home drunk and tired, and absolutely angry for losing his best sword in a game of cards, the blacksmith released his emotions upon his wife. Delilah woke up from the loud sobbing of her mother’s voice. She wandered into the room and got in the way of her father who just kicked her aside. The girl hit her head pretty bad and that was the last drop for her mother. When the husband fell asleep, she stole some of his works, she took Delilah, and they walked out through the door.

They traveled to the port, where they sold everything to get enough money for a spot on a ship. That’s how they ended up in Eisende. The life was hard for two foreign commoners who did not know much what to do. Delilah’s mother found a job as a kitchen maid in a small tavern. Delilah was assisting her. They earned very few coins but it was enough. Master of the house was not the most honest, though. He used to steal from his drunk customers and was involved with a couple of criminals. One young lad attracted Delilah’s attention as well. He taught her how to unlock what has been locked, and how to snatch a pouch from a wandering traveler. A girl enjoyed their time together but once a boy left together with his brothers and never came back. Unfortunately, the kitchen maid, her mother, died from tuberculosis when Delilah was 15 years old.

She remembered her past and terrible life with an abusive father but she also did not want to stay in a small town, small tavern. Delilah wanted to become someone better, someone bigger and she hoped for such an opportunity in a large town such as Marsilikos. So, she used her savings to pay for a couple of traveling merchants that they would take her there. The start was very hard but she managed to spread connections, especially when she finally was accepted at Kraken’s Den as a server.

These connections and various other different activities lead the young woman in opening l'Amour Méchant - a brothel close to Kraken’s Den, when she was 23 years old.


“I own a brothel, I have many connections… I have an interest in a dozen other concerns on the street. I am the one they come to when they need things, want things, fear things. In another time and another place, they would call me a queen. I built this from nothing. And yet none of it is real. What ain't real about it? It is built upon things I cannot control, cannot predict. It is built on sand. And when the day comes when that foundation shifts, do you know what they will call me then? The whore that lost everything.”



Today. You have everything you ever wanted. I suppose we can only guess what tomorrow will bring.

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