Darvell d'Aiglemort
Fullname: Darvell Hadwin d'Aiglemort
Played by: Jude Law
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Birthdate: March 10
Class: Noble
House: d'Aiglemort
Occupation: Baron de Beaune
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Berenger d'Aiglemort (d) and Igraine Le Blanc d'Aiglemort, Baron and Baronne de Beaune
Siblings: One younger brother, Eneas.
Marital Status: Married
Children: One son, hoping for more. Many more. Maybe a daughter or two.

Known Information


A scion of Camael, Darvell d'Aiglemort is the first-born child of Berenger d'Aiglemort and Igraine Le Blanc d'Aiglemort, the baron and baronesse de Beaune. So proud of the son he had hoped for, his father would jokingly boast that Darvell came out of the womb with a sword in his hand— bred with the blood of angels in his veins to lead troops against the savage enemies of Camlach and Terre d'Ange. From an early age he was schooled hard in the art of blades and swordplay along with the leadership of men and military tactics, and at the age of sixteen Darvell was joining in skirmishes along the borders of Camlach. It was these first-hand bloody and at times frightening encounters that were to to give birth to his lifelong hatred for the Skalds. Through his late teens and into his early twenties he was dedicated to this new life of his, and by his late twenties had risen to the rank of Captain with no less than two hundred men under his command. Now, at the age of 34 he holds the rank of General, along with the lives of eight thousand men in his hands, commanding respect as a seasoned warrior and clever tactitian.

The death of his father in 1308 saw him elevated to the title of baron de Beaune.

His recent marriage to a niece of the Duc de Roussilion is one of politics that was made to strengthen d'Aiglemort ties with Eisande, as well as to ensure amicable trade routes through the bustling port of Nice.




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