Damien de Mereliot
Fullname: Damien de Mereliot
Played by: Austin Butler
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Birthdate: April 8, 1286
Class: Nobility
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Priest
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'ange
Parents: Comte Octavien de Mereliot of de Florac and Comtess Emma de Mereliot
Siblings: Lord Edmond de Mereliot, Heir to de Florac (b. 1286 twin, d. 1309) and Lady Imogen no Dahlia de Mereliot
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Damien is a priest of Eisheth who has recently taken a post at the Temple in Marsilikos.


Comte Octavien de Mereliot of de Florac and his wife, Comtess Emma Mereliot, had two sons - twins Damien and Edmund. Four years later, the Comte would have a daughter, Imogen, with his consort. The comte decided to raise the daughter alongside the two boys. While the Comtess may not have completely agreed to this decision, the children were innocent and free from the binds of politics. The three were inseparable, and they were all very close. When the twins were nine, Imogen left to train with the Night Court.

Damien had always had a natural affinity for the arts, storytelling and anything creative, but not long after Imogen departed he discovered he shared the scion merit that his mother had. Edmund, who did not exhibit the merit, spent his time with Octavien training to become heir while Damien spent equal time with Emma. She taught him sketching and art, as well as the art of storytelling. Tutors helped to educate him in the ways of healing and he began studies to work toward his dream of priesthood. Much like Edmund, Damien was utterly spoiled and became used to asking for and getting anything he wanted.

Even though their training was separate, Edmund and Damien were as close as twins could be. They finished one another's sentences, knew what each other were thinking and were nearly always emotionally in sync. All that changed about four years ago, when Edmund grew agitated and tired, spending nearly a week acting odd. Damien knew something was wrong, and one night he knelt beside his brother's bed and tapped into his scion blessing. He saw inside his brother's body, discovering that his brother was filled with sickness. He panicked, letting his mother know. She summoned healers and priests, but nothing seemed to improve Edmund's illness. Within a few days, Edmund was bedridden and would spend the next year in increasing pain and misery. Damien and Imogen, who had returned from her training, were kept apart from Edmund for fear they might catch whatever sickness was eating away at Edmund. This was taxing on Damien, who knew from his glimpse into Edmund's body that the illness was caused by Edmund's own body betraying him, growths forming within, and not some sickness they could catch, but he said nothing. He would not betray his father's decision to isolate his twin.

Imogen did her best to keep Damien occupied and focused, even teaching him to dance. As Edmund's illness worsened and it became clear that Edmund was not going to get better, Damien began to panic. He would be heir, and would have to sacrifice his dream of being a priest. As preparations began to that end, he desperately pleaded with Imogen to take the role of heir. She agreed, and when Edmund died, she did. Damien continued his studies, fully committing himself to the priesthood to bury the loss of his twin brother and the giant hole within him it left.





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