Cyriel Charlot
Fullname: Cyriel Domitien Charlot
Played by: Vincent Cassel
Gender: male
Age: 33
Birthdate: Mar 24
Class: Noble
House: Charlot
Occupation: Vicomte de Chavagne
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Francois Charlot, Vicomte de Chavagne, Thérèse Maignard de Charlot
Siblings: Théodore Charlot, some other siblings
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

Cyriel Charlot had arrived in Marsilikos in the summer of the year 1310, for reasons that were never quite clarified. Perhaps he was about furthering the horse trade of his House, perhaps he aimed to make new alliances. He was last seen in Marsilikos in May 1311, for the Festival of Companions, and is said to have retreated once again to his lands in Kusheth, the Vicomté de Chavagne.


Cyriel was born as the second son to Francois Charlot, Vicomte de Chavagne, and his wife, Thérèse Maignard de Charlot. The spare, and upon first sight so very inferior to his older brother, Théodore. Both in looks - as well as in martial prowess and strength. While they were still children, Cyriel was often taunted by Théodore, a rivalry there that was crushed early. Or so it seemed. A grudge continued to simmer beneath the surface of a carefully guarded facade. And hate blossomed. And contempt. And the wish to see Théodore stripped of his birthright and position of heir. These were strong motivations that spurred Cyriel on, made him train harder with the blade, whilst he was planning his older brother's downfall.

It would take more that scheming though to eventually come true. And when it happened that Théodore returned from battle, severely crippled and unable to leave the bed, it was Cyriel who planted the seed of an idea subtly into his father's ear, to spare the older Charlot from the duties that would emburden his battered self even further. And yet, on the day Francois declared that Cyriel would inherit the title, it felt all the sweeter from the knowledge how much this would displease the older brother that was no longer heir.

Henceforth Cyriel was prepared for his duties, but truth be told, he quickly realized that managing the Vicomté wouldn't happen without the esteemed and capable service of the family's steward. Horses are House Charlot's primary trade, and as such, Cyriel already possessed an affinity to riding and hunting, being a very skilled rider and duelist as well. The latter came naturally, from being of a Kusheline House, especially when intimidation and sharp remarks would often lead to disagreements. Being of a more agile disposition, Cyriel favors the slim blade that often can be worn at court. Blades in general have become his obsession, be it through Kusheline preferences in his amorous pursuits, or from the need to collect rare blades even from abroad.

Any attempts of his parents to marry him off have so far been thwarted by his rather stubborn disposition, but now that his father has passed away, his mother keeps needling him to look for an advantageous match.






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