Coty nó Coquelicot
Fullname: Coty nó Coquelicot
Played by: Benji Staker
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen
Birthdate: May 3
Class: Courtesan
House: Coquelicot
Occupation: Novice
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: His mother is a commoner flower seller and his father an unknown sailor.
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information


A native of Marsilikos, Coty has never been so far from the city that he could now comfortably travel there and back in a day. He was a bastard child, the product of a night of passion between his mother and an unknown sailor who left on a ship the next day and was never seen again.

Coty's mother was a commoner and made her living selling flowers on the street. This task took up a lot of her time, so Coty was raised through most of his early life by his grandmother, who grew in her small garden the flowers her daughter would sell. As a young child, Coty remembers spending a lot of time trailing round on her coattails as she tended to the blooms and to this day the scent of flowers and particularly roses, stirs memories of those years which help him to center himself in times of stress or anger.

Growing up under his Grandmother's care, Coty learned all manner of things. His mother sold the flowers simply for their appearance, but his grandmother knew much about herbal remedies and from his earliest days as he trailed around the garden with her, he would listen to her stories and pick up on bits of knowledge and lore.

There was another side to Coty however, and beneath the calm exterior of the gentle boy, he showed from an early age a tendency to be somewhat quick to anger and perhaps more concerningly to take it out with his fists. More than once he came home from playing with the local children with scraped knees or a bloody nose. To his credit, he did seem to have a strong sense of justice and while he was far from the biggest or the strongest, he was always there to stick up for the quieter or less courageous children when they needed it.

Coty was quite content, but his mother dreamed of a better life than she had for her only child. It was identified relatively early that Coty's looks meant there was a possibility of him being accepted for training by one of the salons of the night court. Several of the salons considered him, but it was ultimately his natural affinity to listen and his interest in healing that saw him accepted into the Salon de Coquelicot for training.

Coty showed no inclination toward Gentian, though he had obvious potential for Balm. His training expanded his knowledge of the simple folk remedies his grandmother had taught him and Coty eventually learned to assist with all manner of ills. He retained his fondness for flowers and would happily volunteer to assist in the gardens when he got the chance. In addition to merely growing them, however, he enjoyed learning about their practical uses, in massage and aromatherapy for example, as well as their artistic ones. Over time he became an accomplished florist and arranger of flowers and enjoyed assisting with the floral displays in readiness for various functions being held.

As well as providing healing for the body, Coty showed some talent in the direction of easing the troubles of the mind and heart; developing that talent for quiet listening that had shown itself since those very early days in the garden with his grandmother. His training has cultivated this and over time he developed the ability to listen and empathize with an air of gentle acceptance.

Coty took to his training well for the most part and although he was at times still hot-tempered and rebellious, the focus he gained helped to temper this. There were still occasional fights, though luckily he was now in the best place to deal with bumps and dings and bloody noses. Still, it was something he was harshly disciplined for and part of the reason he did not receive a debut immediately upon turning sixteen.

His fiery temper is something Coty has learned to control to a greater extent with the passing of time and greater maturity, and his lapses are now few and far between. The improvement is sufficient that he may now soon be considered ready for his debut.





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