Corinne de Mereliot
Fullname: Corinne Cristiane de Mereliot
Played by: Selena Gomez
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: February 3, 1281
Class: Priestess
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Priestess
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Armand Mereliot & Elena Cristina del Rio
Siblings: Older brother (to be named), younger sister (to be named)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Corinne is a Priestess of Eisheth and specializes in the healing arts as well as many of the Eisheth ceremonies. She is well-known for her soft-spoken nature and drive to help the people of Marsilikos and beyond.


It was in the year 1281 that Corinne Christiane Mereliot was brought into the world on a cold February morning. She would be the second child of Armand Mereliot the Baron of Montbrun and his wife, Cristina Elena del Rio, an Aragonian Lady. She would be raised with everything a noble child could expect; proper teaching in etiquette and academics from the finest instructors. In addition, her mother made sure she was well versed in the Aragonian culture and language.

From an early age, her parents noticed her extreme care and concern for others, it was almost as if she took on their pain and wanted to do all she could to help them. It was enough so that it stood out to even the casual on looker. She was a young girl that people always seemed drawn to, there was a certain charisma and aura about the young Mereliot that others found themselves gravitating to. Many an evening were spent singing for her parent's guests as she had the most angelic of voices.

When she was eight, something happened that would happen that would change her life forever. Cori was playing with some friends, when one of the boys took a slingshot and shot a bird from a tree branch. The bird fell to the ground and ceased moving. While her other friends took it upon themselves to accost the boy, Cori saw to the bird. She placed her hands over the bird and closed her eyes. To this day she cannot explain the feeling she felt, it was as if Eisheth herself was speaking to her. There was motion beneath her hands and the bird flapped wildly into the air and flew off when she removed them. Her friends watched stunned, then stared at Cori, just as confused as she was. It would be a moment she would never forget, but the story eventually died off.

Cori would also take numerous extended trips to Marsilikos. She loved the city and would accompany her father as often as she could. One day while walking by the temple of Eisheth, she turned to her father and murmured softly. "Someday you will find me there." Her father replied. "You can go there anytime you wish Cori." She smiled and stated plainly. "Not like that."

Her father took her words to heart and when Cori turned ten, she was offered to the Temple of Eisheth as a Novice. It would be here that she would receive the best medical training known to the world. Her dedication and hard work saw her achieving the title of Acolyte when she was sixteen. Continuing her learning of both the healing arts and the ways of a potential Priestess, Cori became a Priestess of Eisheth when she was 26.

Today, she has become a well-known Priestess of Eisheth, often sought for her healing and ceremonial duties. There is something about this woman that has always brought comfort peace to those suffering and in pain.





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