Ciel d'Essoms
Fullname: Ciel d'Essoms
Played by: David Boreanz
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Class: Noble
House: Essoms
Occupation: Vicomte de Bétheny
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Vicomtesse Colette d'Essoms and a lord from Eire, Bran
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information


Ciel d'Essoms was born to lead, at least that is what those that have met him frequently say. Despite the fact some look upon him with mistrust, due to him being half-Eiran, he has proven himself to be a capable, very charming one at that, leader. %r%tHe was born in a union of his mother, Viscomtesse Colette d'Essoms, to a lord of the Eire; Bran. Colette and Bran never wed, it is a little unclear to who was the consort but it was likely Bran not Colette. Bran, Colette, Ciel, and Ciel’s siblings spent several years together before Bran passed on. During this time frame Ciel learned of his Eiran culture as well as what was expected of him as a D’Angeline nobleman.

He is the eldest of his siblings so, to him, it was expected he would become Viscomte when his mother died or decided to pass it on to him. Though, before that he would accomplish a great deal of things. During his teen and early twenties Ciel proved himself a capable warrior, going off to battle when he needed too. Though, more often than not he prefered to end things with his charm and persuasive skills. During this time he also purchased the marque of one Avril Somerville from the Cereus House. She was destined to join the Jasmine House had he not fallen for her beauty as well as for the political gains she could give him. She was not much younger than him so he managed to talk his family into allowing him to purchase her marque. She would provide a useful tool as well as a woman he had a fondness for.

A few years later another woman caught his interest. Again, like with Arvil, it was instant love and her political offerings were the draw for him. Unlike Avril, though, she was a loving thing and she was younger than Avril when he tried to claim her marque but she resisted because she wanted Alucard to join her but he could not financially do this right away so, instead he won her Debut. However, before he made the offer for Margot’s marque Ciel had become Viscomte. His mother decided to ‘retire’ and turn the reins over to him. He had proven to be quite the savvy lord who’s interested lay within building up his family and proving their worth.

Alucard, ah, his delicate yet powerful courtesan joined the ranks of Avril and Margot as one of his courtesans, Margot being a favored, he had promised to obtain his Marque to Margot and even though she got away from him Alucard did not. Like with the other two Ciel loved him but not in the same matter as he did the other two. Alucard was claimed more for his leadership skills and connections than political gain. He was raised to be a Cereus and to that ends Ciel kept him in the Cereus house as long as possible once the marque was trained. He wanted the fragile beauty to have the mannerism a proper Cereus would have. He was the refinement that balanced out his loving and passionate courtesans.

When each Courtesan finished their Marque they opted to continue to stay in his services, or join it, and except a small tithe to provide for their living expenses Ciel did not take much of their coin. He was well aware all three would do his every bidding with just a crook of his little finger. During this period in his life Avril fell for an Alban lord and out of her love for Ciel asked if she could stay within his household but retire as a Courtesan to be with the lord. Ciel granted it, seeing the potential political gain to be got. From that union, before the older Alban lord died, a child was born. Roseline.

And so, Ciel’s thirties were relatively uneventful. He battled when needed, politicked when needed. At least it was uneventful until the last few years of them. In those years his three Courtesans, all of which had felt the calling to return to Naamah’s service fully, asked if they could leave his services to open a Salon together. His fondness for them was great. He agreed and even offered to invest into their ventures.

This brought him and his now former Courtesans to Marsilikos. There Alucard, Avril, and MArgot opened a Salon together with his financial help.




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