Chloe de Basilisque
Fullname: Chloé Bérénice de Basilisque
Played by: Barbara Palvin
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthdate: 18 May 1287
Class: Noble
House: Basilisque
Occupation: Vicomtesse de Crouzet, heiress to the Marquisate
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Charles Victorien de Basilisque
Georgette Iris Eltoine de Basilisque
Siblings: Quite a few
Marital Status: Engaged
Children: None presently

Known Information

Chloé Bérénice de Basilique is the second child of Charles Victorien and Georgette Iris and current heir of the Marquisate after the fall of her older brother, Fabrice, in battle.


"I have been preparing my whole life for this moment."

Whatever this moment is, Chloe has been preparing. From the time she was a young child, she has taken to her tasks with such dedication and aplomb, her father did not worry about naming her his heir after her brother's untimely passing. Like Fabrice, Chloe dives head first into any situation that comes her way and it is true they suffer from a touch of stubbornness.

There is fire beneath her seemingly soft exterior and as such enjoys partaking in some recreational martial arts to keep her body as fit to fight as her mind. The young Vicomtesse de Crouzet is merely a woman who likes to be prepared. She minds her P's and Q's, dots her I's and crosses her T's. She keeps everything neat and orderly and believes there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Her lot in life afforded her the best her father could obtain; The best tutors, the best instructors, and attire money could buy.

Chloe has been playing this role since she was a child and truly loves being in the center of of all the political intrigue. Once she was of age, Chloe was a fixture at court. She also has done a fair bit of travel and is interested in learning more languages. The borderland of Basilisque is no stranger to battle against Skaldia. There is a strong animosity towards these foreigners in particular as they are responsible for Fabrice falling in battle.

Prior to leaving Basilisque for Marsilikos, Chloe became engaged to Lord Roland d'Aiglemort who accompanies her on her travels. Though she has know of Lord Roland, they barely know each other. The match pleases her parents and so it pleases Chloe…to an extent. Her purpose for visiting Marsilikos is to further build political alliances on a smaller scale.



roland Roland Duren d'Aiglemort - Betrothed : Our match pleases our parents and so it pleases me. He is just so…very…intense.
jacqueline Jacqueline Joie d'Aiglemort - The Vicomtesse and Heiress : My betrothed's cousin and my dear friend. Do not be fooled by her constitution. Her will is iron clad.


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