Chimène Rousse de la Courcel
Fullname: Chimène Alais Rousse de la Courcel
Played by: Olga Smirnova
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Birthdate: 19th April, 1282
Class: Noble
House: Rousse
Occupation: Vicomtesse Regent de Grasse
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Gerard Loïc de la Courcel, Celestine l'Envers de la Courcel
Siblings: Older brother Aurélien, younger sister Fleur, younger sister Anémone, younger brother Quentin.
Marital Status: Wife of the heir to the duchy of Roussillion
Children: A daughter and two sons

Known Information

Chimène Rousse de la Courcel is a daughter of the Namarrese Courcels and a former courtesan of Eglantine House, though her initial training was as a Dahlia. Since 1300 she has been married to the heir to the duchy of Roussillion; while he sails the high seas she remains usually in Marsilikos, seeking her own pleasures.


In any great house the first child is the heir and the second is the pawn.






(1310-12-19) Talking Piffle
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(1310-12-04) Swan Dive
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(1310-11-12) Politesse
Summary: Returning from Kriti with a gift for her, Alcibiades Rousse calls with exquisite courtesy...

(1310-11-07) Winning By Losing
Summary: Symon seeks an escort to a particularly dire evening party. Chimène just wants a bit of...

(1310-10-25) Speechless
Summary: A chance meeting between two very social ladies, each for her own reasons seeking solitude...

(1310-10-18) A Navigable Hazard
Summary: Drake solicits Chimène’s advice upon a romantic scheme. RL Date: 18/10/2018 Related:...

(1310-10-17) Something Old, Something New
Summary: Isabelle’s last dinner in Terre d’Ange before setting sail for Kriti. RL Date: 20/10/2018...

(1310-10-17) An End to Piquet
Summary: Vital matters are decided during an autumnal reunion, which happily has a winter season to...

(1310-10-16) A Separate Issue
Summary: Alcibiades pays a formal call upon Chimène before setting sail for Kriti. RL Date:...

(1310-10-13) A Chance to Lose
Summary: Alcibiades Rousse takes another gamble, on something more precious even than his purseful...

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