Cedoric d'Eresse
Fullname: Cedoric Dodier d'Eresse
Played by: Paul Bettany
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: March 4
Class: Noble
House: Eresse
Occupation: Lord
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: the Comte d'Eresse Et Ux.
Siblings: the Heir to the Comte d'Eresse Et Al.
Marital Status: Not
Children: Yet

Known Information

  • A middling but competent participant in the tourney circuits.
  • Used to be a formidable jouster but wins less frequently than he used to.
  • Fourth son of the Comte d'Eresse and elsewise more or less useless.
  • Fond of colf and other such games of the idle nobility.
  • Prodigal in the spending of his time and money.





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(1311-05-02) Day of Shemhazai: Damaging Rumors
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(1311-04-29) The Murder Fad
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(1311-04-24) Day Of Anael: Horse Race
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(1311-04-20) Opening Afternoon at Le Requin
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(1311-04-18) The One With The Chin
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(1311-04-13) Noble Pastimes
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