Brizia Stregazza
Fullname: Brizia Sabella Stregazza
Played by:
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Birthdate: 7 December
Class: Noble
House: Stregazza
Occupation: Ambassador
Province: La Serenissima
Country: Caerdicca Unitas
Parents: Enrico Loredano Stregazza, Doge of La Serenissima (father), Alarisse de la Courcel Stregazza (mother)
Siblings: 3 brothers
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: 1 daughter, 2 sons

Known Information

In La Serenissima, that place rendered magical and mysterious in its remarkable light, they call Brizia Stregazza the Star of the Sea. For like their beloved lagoon, she is a creature of beauty and deep moods, nurturing the city that provided her such affection.

Not a little of her fabled beauty she owes to her D'Angeline mother, whose loveliness inspired poets and manners charmed notoriously fickle families tracing their history to Tiberium and Hellas. Brizia eclipsed even them, sheltered by her father's rank and the privilege of the Stregazza name. Men fought and dueled for a dance; they shed blood for right to sit by her side at the wedding table. In the end, though, a D'Angeline — Matheo Valliers, marquis de Lorraine in Camlach — won the Star of the Sea.

Theirs should have been a fabled romance. It wasn't. She lost Matheo three years later, felled by a seasonal plague that carried off many that year. Brizia disappeared in her mourning, drawn back to the breast of the city that so loves her. When she re-emerged on a sea of roses, her path carried her all the way to Ephesus on the arm of Iskender, the heir to a great empire. A great romance, the wandering troubadours sang of it and painters immortalized it, but this too ended in tragedy after a few scintillating years of happiness. No one quite talks about the conflicts of distant lands or battles that swept away her future.

Necessity is the mother of invention, Siovalese like to say, and Serenissimans too. No sooner did she depart from her mourning in Asherat's temple than the young widow shocked Caerdicci society. When the ambassadorial post reopened due to a retirement, her father the Doge lobbied for Brizia to serve in Terre d'Ange. Who better than a Serenissiman with D'Angeline blood, a reaffirmation of the close ties of realms and houses? Her impeccable credentials and command of language surely served her cause — as did a heavy fleet and Milazzan influence, by way of her lady aunt the duchess of that fair city.

So does Brizia Stregazza now embark to her greatest adventure yet.




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