Boniface de Baphinol
Fullname: Boniface de Baphinol
Played by: Douglas Booth
Gender: male
Age: 18
Birthdate: March 18th
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Vicomte d'Orange
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Florentin de Baphinol (d.), Delphine le Blanc de Baphinol
Siblings: Inesse and Vivianne
Marital Status: unattached
Children: None.

Known Information






(1312-09-09) A Thousand Ducats for Your Thoughts
Summary: Delphine brings up the topic of marriage in a conversation with her not really enthused son...

(1312-06-25) Old Friends
Summary: Two courtesans, formerly of Mont Nuit, catch up in the gardens of La Rose Blanche, and are...

(1312-06-25) A Plethora of Peach
Summary: It doesn't take Perpetua long to find Boniface in the gardens of la Rose Blanche, and a...

(1312-06-17) I Don't Cause Trouble
Summary: Indeed, Alienor just sits sweetly sipping her kahve. RL Date: 17/06/2020 Related: Other...

(1312-06-12) A Sketch of a Rose
Summary: Alienor explains to Boniface her change in fortunes; he buys a rose sketch she's done. RL...

(1312-06-11) Sea Glass
Summary: The day of the much anticipated trip to the beach arrives. RL Date: Wed Jun 10, 1312 ...

(1312-06-09) One Blush, Two Blush, Three Blush, More...
Summary: Boniface visits the White Rose Solar, and makes Perpetua an offer she's pleased to accept ...

(1312-05-22) Playing Games
Summary: Ysabelet nó Glycine makes the acquaintance of Boniface de Baphinol. RL Date: May 22nd,...

(1311-11-16) Alienor's Debut
Summary: The debut of Alienor nó Rose Sauvage, at a decorous tea party in the solar of the White...

(1311-11-13) An Overcast Day
Summary: On an overcast day, Lord Boniface meets a White Rose novice in the Gardens of La Rose...

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