Bethané Arvyn
Fullname: Bethané Arvyn
Played by: Christina Hendricks
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Birthdate: October 26th
Class: Commoner
House: None
Occupation: Barmaid
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Josephine Arvyn (65)
Siblings: Brother (45), Sister (42), Sister (39), Brother (31)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

A native of Marsilikos, Bethané Arvyn is second generation barmaid at the Leaping Fish Inn. She's lived at the inn for most of her life except for a few years where she is rumored to have lived in Caerdicca Unitas. Commoners and noble alike enjoy her skillful brewing and cooking that's available at the inn.


Bethané Arvyn was born to a widowed barmaid, Josephine Arvyn, who’s winsome charms had drawn sailor and noble alike to her bed after her husband’s death. The little girl grew up in the kitchens with her brothers and sisters, keeping out of her mother’s way. Mother Goody, the cook at the Leaping Fish Inn, was more of a mother to their brood growing up than their own mother. She had a passion for cooking and brewing before she even learned to read and write. The little girl had quite the talent so unlike her brothers and sisters who found other ways to gain coin, Bethany stuck to the kitchens.

As she grew older, she took to cleaning guest rooms in between her kitchen duties. As her beauty bloomed, the owner started putting the young woman out in bar rather than letting her hide in the kitchen. At first, Bethané shied away from the attention her curvy body gained her. However, with practice and a few tips from her seasoned mother, she eventually grew comfortable with her own skin. Slowly but surely she started to come into her own. She learned the art of flirting so she could get better tips.

Her brothers and sisters started moving away, following the sea or getting better opportunities and leaving the inn. However, Bethané couldn’t find it within herself to leave until a young Caerdicci nobleman seduced her and convinced her to run away with him. It might have worked out well if he hadn’t turned out to be married. She found herself adrift in a foreign land, minus her lover. Luckily she had picked up enough of the language to get a job and slowly work her way back to Terre D’Ange. She even picked up some handy skills with a crossbow to defend herself on the road.

Once she found the shelter of the Leaping Fish Inn again, she stayed. Mother had retired, and the owner’s son needed reliable help. Her brother passed her a few coin here and there when she passed on a juicy tidbit or two. It’s not the life she dreamed of when she was younger. It’s three square meals and a roof over her head. A lot of people have it a lot worse.


"There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out."
~~((*))~~((*))~~((*))— Mae West —((*))~~((*))~~((*))~~




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