Bertrand Albert de Perigeux nó Glycine
Fullname: Bertrand Albert de Perigeux nó Glycine
Played by: Elyas M'Barek
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Birthdate: July 24th
Class: Courtesan
House: Salon de la Glycine
Occupation: Dowayne
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Celestien d'Albert, Syrine Maram nó Jasmine
Siblings: Some half-siblings
Marital Status: Married to Estelle Perigeux
Children: Mélisse Perigeux, Christelle Perigeux, Anton Perigeux

Known Information

Dowayne of the Salon de la Glycine

This is a staff NPC, available for scenes on request.


Before he was born in Marmande, the seat of House d'Albert in Siovale, Bertrand was conceived as a child of love, fathered by Celestien, the brother to the late Comte d'Albert, and Celestien's consort Syrine, a Jasmine courtesan from Mont Nuit in the city of Elua, a woman of foreign looks and Cartiginian heritage.

Celestien never took a wife. He was too romantic and too insignificant, not holding even a title of sorts. He served the interests of his family, an acting counsellor to his brother, and emissary, when needed. Bertrand had little options, and so it was his mother who made the choice for him, as she decided to give him to House Jasmine, to learn and practice the arts of Naamah.

It was the right choice, and Bertrand soon impressed his teachers with his natural disposition and talent, and his charismatic and persuasive air that would soon draw interested parties to his debut. Given his exotic looks, the theme was obvious, and it pleased Bertrand to turn the game around, acting a young prince in a seraglio, whereas ladies of noble families would woo him in the guise of veiled women of a harem.

His success continued after the debut, as Bertrand was pretty much sought after as an adept. His easy manners and confidence recommended him and soon helped him with finishing his marque, shortly after his eighteenth birthday. During his time at Jasmine House, he had made the acquaintance of one Estelle Perigeux, and the lady had seemed infatuated enough with him to contract him for a number of assignations. Soon after, she had vanished, returned to her family in the barony of Moussidan, and Bertrand was almost certain, he would never see her again.

One month later, his uncle, the Comte d'Albert elected to write to him about an unusual request. Sébastien d'Albert asked Bertrand to retire from service, as a family who was particularly close to the Comte wished to see one of their ladies wed to one d'Albert of the main branch. The reasons why Bertrand chose to follow his uncle's request, are up to speculation. The courtesan was young, and marriage to a landed lady of standing would mark a once in a lifetime opportunity. Perhaps it was because it was the head of House d'Albert who asked him to, as the Comte only had one daughter and no sons.

At the age of twenty, Bertrand was wed to the Baronne of Moussidan, Estelle Perigeux. His purpose in the marriage was clear from the start. In the course of five years, he fathered three baronial children, officially next in the line of succession. And while he of course provided adequate passion in the bedroom, he didn't find fulfillment in the marriage as such, never developing any true feelings for his spouse; nor did he enjoy courtly occasions and duties that came with his new position.

The emotional void between himself and Estelle grew with each child that was born. Until that void got filled by the lovely Aléanne nó Heliotrope. His wife took a consort, and finally found the love she had sought all the while. Estelle spent more and more nights beside her beloved Aléanne, whereas Bertrand became more and more lonely. It affected his health. Or so he claimed. Seeking refuge in a trip, meant to fight off his increasing fits of coughing, he travelled all the way to Marsilikos.

As soon as he arrived, he visited the local Night Court. He saw only three salons there. And he began to form a plan.

At the age of twenty-six, he opened a salon of his own, after informing his wife in a letter about his plans. He made it clear that he would not return, leaving her the option to seek divorce. He discarded the title of baron, to become a Dowayne of the salon de la Glycine. Rumor has it, that Estelle and Aléanne have visited a few times. But a divorce has never been declared so far. Either way, one can assume that his conduct has jeopardized his standing with House d'Albert, in the way Bertrand did not pay back the trust the late Comte Sébastien d'Albert had placed upon him.

In the end, his true calling prevailed over the temptation of political power, and so Bertrand returned to serve Naamah, as had always been his destiny.




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