Fullname: Belle Bekke
Played by: Rosie Tupper
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 23rd
Class: Homeless Foreigner
House: N/A
Occupation: Street Urchin
Province: Eisandre, but not by choice
Country: Skaldia
Parents: Good question.
Siblings: Unknown
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: N/A

Known Information

She hasn't been here long. Still, perhaps you've caught a glimpse of her in the corner of your eye. A frail, fair-haired thing skulking through the shadows. Pretty face smudged with dirt, smiling innocently as her fingers pilfer your pockets. She's a street urchin, and Skaldic no less, often seen rummaging through trash, snatching apples from the bazaar, or being berated and treated like a dog by the loud, proud, and hatefully patriotic.


The beginning of her life is a mystery. At least the part before she was found floating in the middle of the sea atop some moldy plank of wood is.

She couldn't have been older than four, maybe five when he took her in. That dashing and sharp-witted sailor. A Captain, in fact, with his very own ship. A ship Belle would learn to call home. He never lied to her, not once, and she grew up knowing that he wasn't her real father.

What he was, of course, was a Skaldic pirate. One with a golden heart. Well. For the most part. All men have their demons. He was a brute, a thief, and an occasional murderer — but deep down, he regretted it all. And it is in Belle that he saw his shot at redemption. She hated it when he killed. It hurt her, deeply. And slowly, because of this, he began to soften. Her pain became his.

Belle saw the good in him, and loved him as a parent. He taught her many things, particularly things that could help her survive and fend for herself. He knew he'd have to let her go, eventually. Especially with the rising tension in his crew. Especially with the rising guilt in his heart. He had led a life of selfishness; slipping stolen crates into his cargo hold in the dead of night, killing anyone who tried to stop him and dropping their bodies in the sea like they were nothing. It was time to change.

Sweet innocent Belle grew that softness in him, nurturing it the same way he nurtured her natural talents. But, it's that same softness that got him caught and his ship claimed by the authorities off the shores of Eisandre. Belle was forced overboard during the chaos by the Captain himself, and was spared the inevitable and doomed trip through the Terre d'Ange judicial system.

Now, lost and alone in the foreign city of Marsilikos, her Skaldic accent making her an enemy to most people she talks to, she must employ those survival skills he taught her and finally fend for herself. She has to be alive if she ever wants to find him, after all…

Or her real parents, for that matter.




She's the innocent criminal.
The pacifist often finding herself in fights.
Her heart is pure and her tricks are dirty.
She would never hurt a fly.
But she might steal its coinpurse.
A street urchin with a heart of gold.
A gentle soul never meant for a life so rough.
A walking contradiction.




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