Aziza Nimr
Fullname: Aziza Nimr
Played by: Amal Maher
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthdate: May 1
Class: Foreigner
House: Nimr
Occupation: Ambassador
Province: N/A
Country: Menekhet
Parents: Kissa Nimr and Asim Nimr
Siblings: None known
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

Recently arrived, her and her entourage was attacked in northern Caerdicca Unitas. Now she's recovering and getting her bearings here in Marsilikos.


Her family is a branch is a member of the royal family of Menekhet but unfortunately holds no lands. Instead over time they became the politicians and warriors for the royal line. The men of Nimr were usually trained to be politicians and fighters where the women were courtesans and rumored to be deadlier than the men. However Aziza was different. From an early age she showed a high level of aptitude for politics; she knew how to argue for what she wanted and usually got it. Her mother and father saw a great potential and thus fought for her to be a diplomat for her people.

Her mother trained her to have tact?.which she lacked. Aziza was definitely more of her father's daughter but learned to be 'demure' when the time called for it. Her father however trained her to fight?.teaching her things like the art of the bow, horseback riding, and hand to hand. In his mind, diplomat or not you can still die by the sword so better to be prepared. He also taught her all that knew in the ways of being diplomatic, even taking her to court at times when she was allowed to observe. Though most her taken by her looks, it was her words and prowess at such a young age that gained her notoriety.

After her years of learning new languages, mastering her skills of diplomacy and being sent off on their first mission. She was tasked to meet with other nations to secure trade routes, extend good will, and perhaps invite them as well to visit their home nation. But now?.she's stuck. After being attacked by some unknown known group of raiders in northern Caerdicca Unitas, she managed to survive along with five of her attendants. After finding her way into Marsilikos to not only find rest, healing, and waiting for word to reach her people?.but to perhaps continue on her mission of forming alliances.




armandine Armandine Clémence Mereliot : A most gracious hostess.
gauge Gauge d'Eresse : More than I expected to find….and I hope that it continues.
ezio-rousse Ezio Azzara de Rousse : Intriguing and oh so charming.
edgard Edgard d'Eresse : Took me from Menekhet to my first destination and ran into him again. An odd duck but fun nonetheless.
thaddeus Thaddeus Trevalion : Another odd duck….but seems genuine.
jean Jean Shahrizai l'Envers : Just….no words. Seems a bit…spoiled.


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