Azalaïs Mereliot nó Alyssum de L'Envers
Fullname: Azalaïs Mereliot nó Alyssum de L'Envers
Played by: Florence Welch
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Birthdate: August 22
Class: Noble
House: L'Envers
Occupation: Dowager Marquise
Province: Namarre (or Eisande?)
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: The baron and baronne de Carcassonne
Siblings: Several, older and younger
Marital Status: Widow of the late marquis d'Auxerre
Children: One daughter; many stepchildren

Known Information

In the spring of 1298 Elua society agreed that the romance of the season was the marriage of Absalon L'Envers, the widowed marquis d'Auxerre, and Azalaïs de Mereliot, a fresh-marqued young Alyssum courtesan whom he carried away from the heights of Mont Nuit and installed as his second marquise. Despite the difference in their ages the couple were very much in love and thoroughly charmed by one another, and a year later they were blessed with their only child, a daughter they named Grace.

It was observed amongst the nobility of Namarre, who knew them the best, that over time their passion waned as passion is so wont to do, and their union turned companionate. As Absalon aged and became subject to ill health, Azalaïs acted more and more as his helpmeet and his ambassador to his people, the angel in his household who saw his every wish fulfilled.

During their marriage they wintered three times in Eisande; now, widowed early in 1312, the dowager marquise d'Auxerre travels again to the province of her birth to visit family and to enjoy a little sunshine in this dark hour of her life.





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