Avelina le Blanc nó Glycine
Fullname: Avelina le Blanc nó Glycine
Played by: Emilia Clarke
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthdate: February 13
Class: Courtesan
House: le Blanc/Glycine
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Alive
Siblings: Many
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Namarrese noblewoman and fully marqued Bryony Courtesan from Mont Nuit. Now a member of Glycine Salon. Sells hand-painted custom card decks, often with naughty (or at least suggestive) depictions. Fond of card games, terrified of rats, and keeps her hand close to her chest.


Avelina was to a small branch of House le Blanc which manages a barony. The branch, though not known for its great resources, taxable wealth, or fame at court, has produced a remarkable number of Servants of Naamah. Most of those not immediately bound for inheritance are offered to the Mont. Avelina was one of those, and it was Bryony house which adopted her in.

She progressed along her Marque at a respectable speed, and left Naamah's service shortly after completing it. She traveled to her home barony and then to Marsilikos. After some time she visited the fabled theater of Marsilikos, and then returned for every single show for the next month. Some shows she would see two, or even three times. At the end of her artistic binge, she re-entered Naamah's service as a member of Glycine House and has become a patron of the arts.





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