Avalyn Amsel
Fullname: Avalyn 'Ava' Amsel
Played by: Katheryn Winnick
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthdate: Sept. 09
Class: Foreigner
House: Amsel
Occupation: Sellsword
Province: Norstock
Country: Skaldia
Parents: Adolfus Amsel and Avalyn Amsel d.
Siblings: Step Siblings possibly.
Marital Status: #foreveralone
Children: None.

Known Information

Very little is known about her, she has only recently showed up in town with a small group of mercenaries, though she does not hang out with them or get bawdy and loud like them.

Mostly she keeps to herself, or in smaller groups, and though she has a gruff exterior she isn't outright rude for no reason.


Born in Skaldia, in Norstock, a port city on the Eastern Sea, Ava had one parent through her life. Her father, Adolfus Amsel, a landed noble who built, owned and sold ships. During childbirth, it was told to her by her father that her mother, Avalyn, had died and oft times let her know it was her and her alone to blame for the death of her mother. He even went so far as to name her the same as her mother, as a lifetime reminder.

While her mother had been a beauty, blonde, hardworking and completely devoted to her father, she had a rather fierce and protective side that had her, at times, throwing jealous fits towards other women who dared to cast their eyes towards the man she loved. Despite that, it was apparent her parents shared a special love. One that was so focused on each other, the child they created was more an aberration than a gift.

Her childhood only got harder and she had to learn to fight and to defend herself from the hatred thrown her way not from outsiders, but from her father. It pushed her though, it made her tough both inside and out, immune to the accusations, the digs and the hate. At least on the exterior.. and mostly inside.

Taking interest not so much in the family business of ship building, she took to the sword and with a fierceness born of helplessness in her own situation, she threw herself completely into training. Hanging out with the wrong people, learning gambling and nothing at all ladylike. Tiring of having her father belittle her for it, she found a group of like minded individuals and left home at a young age. Eventually, the group formed a more formalized group as a band of mercenary's or sellswords for hire and she traveled with them in order to survive and stay away from her home.

She has done no glorious deeds, earned no special name for herself, but she continues to travel where the sea takes her, where fate leads. Comfortable on both land and sea, she never has a destination in mind or a time limit to stay, restless, forming few attachments outside her own group, and becoming more and more closed off in each city.

Whether or not her father has remarried and provided an heir for his land, Ava does not know. Nor does she care. There has been no contact from him, to her.. or from her to him since she departed for the last time.





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