Aurélie Basilisque nó L'Envers
Fullname: Aurélie Basilisque nó L'Envers
Played by: Dove Cameron
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: May 15th, 1293
Class: Courtesan
House: L'Envers
Occupation: Courtesan in the retinue of Jean Shahrizai L'Envers
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Stéphan de Basilisque, Baron de Cléron, Florianne nó Eglantine de Basilisque
Siblings: Some older siblings
Marital Status: Lover
Children: Marc Antoine L'Envers (born February 4th, 1311)

Known Information

The young adept used to be of House Alyssum, till one day after her debut Jean Shahrizai L'Envers bought her marque. She is among the retainers that have accompanied the Vicomte to Marsilikos.


Aurélie was born as the youngest child of a Camaeline baron, a kind and pleasant child of a shy disposition. Her mother was a former Eglantine, and took Aurélie along to present her to various Dowaynes on Mont Nuit, when the little girl neared the age of seven. Her beauty spoke for her, and her shyness recommended her to House Alyssum. And so she was accepted to foster there, a decision that did not change through the candy test, or other details that would have her being sent to other houses. In the year before her debut, Aurélie was often seen in the salon, and sometimes even special appointments were set up, for interested parties to get to know her a bit better through conversation. They would find Aurélie to be an amiable girl, the epitome of innocence and beauty that was apparent even despite the veil that covered her face.

One of those seeking to get to know the novice was a certain Jean Shahrizai L'Envers, heir to the Duchy of Namarre, a man more than seventeen years her senior. In the few encounters they had, he questioned the girl and found himself to desire her. Blessed with a fortune as he had been at that time, the Dowayne announced him to be the winner of the auction at her debut, and he, after paying the virgin prize, surprised everyone by buying the marque off as well on the following day. Nevermind that his family did not approve of the costly extravaganza, and his father decided to put his younger siblings ahead of him, in the line of the ducal succession, and gave him a Vicomte instead.

And thus, Aurélie nó Alyssum became Aurélie nó L'Envers, a member of Jean Shahrizai L'Envers' retinue, recently arrived in Marsilikos as the Vicomte intends to spend some time there. She can be rarely encountered outside of the L'Envers manse, and if so, mostly veiled, even if her attire reflects the more elegant style of ladies and courtesans.




jean Jean Shahrizai L'Envers : The former owner of my Marque, which he now has paid off so generously. He has become more than just a mentor, and yet, our curious constellation makes me wonder where he and I are heading.
richard Oldest Brother : It seems ages since I last saw you. I doubt you'd recognize me, should we meet again.
gregoire Brother : I heard you are in Marsilikos. Damned be my shyness and other things that have occurred. I now find myself waiting for you to visit me sometime.
louna Gregoire's wife : Someone I still need to meet.
anse Cousin : A distant cousin and Priest of Elua. I enjoyed our conversation at the wedding feast.
sebastien Cousin : A distant cousin and Vicomte de Montmarlon. I attended the feast of his wedding in Marsilikos.


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